Webinar: The Dos and Don’ts of a Successful Pop-up Store

Designed for short-term, pop-up shops provide a low-cost way to connect with customers offline, while boosting your sales. Today, the pop-up retail industry is worth an estimated $50 billion USD, and brands of all sizes are tapping into the undeniable power of pop-up stores to drive business, test new markets, and experiment!

Storefront hosted a special webinar on April 25th on the subject of the Dos and Dont’s of a successful pop-up store. Participating in the webinar were Jennifer Braunschweiger, Vice President Brand Marketing at MM.LaFleur and Gabriela Baiter, founder of Whereabout Studio.

They discussed:

– Their retail strategy and success metrics
– What to look for in terms of times and location for your project
– How they promote their pop-up stores