12 Design Ideas for the Ceiling in Your Pop-Up Store

When taking over a venue, decorating the ceilings can be just as important as thinking about the wall decorations or floor coverings – ceilings aren’t called “the fifth wall” for nothing! As seasoned designers know, a ceiling with moldings or exposed gives a space extra character.

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Here are 12 ways the ceiling in your pop-up store can be put to maximum effect.

  1. Light it up

If you are lucky, your rental space may come with a perfectly adorned ceiling, like this elegant showroom on the Rue Montmartre. Visitors will always admire spectacular moldings, but should you feel like adding some color into the mix, avoid damaging the building with paint brushes. Instead, follow this design tip: replace regular light bulbs with a few colored ones and project colors onto the ceiling!

  1. Go green

If your pop-up store comes with a ceiling structure such as rods or metal beams it will be perfect for hanging plants and other greenery – as little or as much as you want. From artificial ivy to Spanish moss, a grassy “air plant” that clings to iron wire and doesn’t need soil is a perfect choice for the space.

  1. Branch out

A collection of light branches held together by a thin cord or invisible wire, for hanging small origami birds, dried leaves or flowers, or even feathers, will give your ceiling a rustic and artistic feel. For a bolder approach, try hanging mementos, keepsakes or woven bracelets, as long as they are light.

  1. Party favors

For a festive atmosphere, helium balloons that rise to the ceiling or a string of colorful flags are in order. You can also use the ceiling to put your brand on display. Another idea found in this Parisian pop-up store is remarkably simple and effective: small printed paper bags take flight!

  1. Serious about fairy lights

Looking to create a festive atmosphere, reminiscent of an open-air café or relaxing summer soirée in the garden? Weave an endless garland with fairy lights. It will invite customers to explore the space while putting your products and people in a flattering glow!

  1. Readymade art

Some galleries or event venues may already come with a decorated ceiling. It may even be why you chose to rent that space. If not, then a pre-existing or adhesive hanging system provides a frame from which to display light objects, such as these birds, or even cloud-like feather globes or delicate origami art.

  1. Steal the show

In Amsterdam, this events venue used a unique approach to create a real showstopper. Follow their lead and suspend wall hangings or thin curtains from the ceiling to give a colorful point of view. Once you’ve tried it, you will never see ceilings in the same way again.

  1. Soho style

This London Soho pop-up store keeps the sheer curtains, but this time they are casually suspended from pipes in the ceiling. Adding a few neon signs will complete the decor. This way, you not only create an impression of floor-to-ceiling color, but you will also lift your own mood as well!

  1. Royal treatment

Of course, you can always rent an exceptional pop-up store, such as this one in San Francisco’s financial district. Or you can create an illusion with trompe l’oeil wallpaper. Several wallpaper brands offer reproductions of materials such as marble slabs that can be used to position the ceiling. Try pre-pasted wallpaper, which only needs added moisture to apply, is easy to reposition, and comes off (also with moisture) quickly and discreetly, and doesn’t leave glue streaks.

  1. Keep things light

This London pop-up store went full on and decorated its ceiling with hand-drawn cartoon characters. It’s easy to imagine this technique as pre-pasted wallpaper hung on the ceiling. Not to mention the hairdresser’s clients are sure to stay entertained in the shampoo area.

  1. Why not paint?

Many pop-up stores come with pre-painted walls and ceilings. These are often a renter’s first choice from a selection of venues, because the color enhances a space so much that it becomes a kind of display case. This Hong Kong pop-up went with bold colors, matching almond green walls with a bright red-orange ceiling. A ceiling light transformed into a playful birdhouse, adding the final touch.

  1. Show your stripes

If your pop-up rental was not your first choice, one solution is to add a ribbon of colored paint to the ceiling. Contact us for permission to make this subtle but effective transformation. If the owner agrees, it could be a dream come true!

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