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La Revêche Launched A Swimwear Pop-Up Store in Milan Just Before The Summer!

La Revêche is the Made in Italy brand of swimsuits that everyone has on their Instagram feed. Digitally native, the brand chose to boost its sales just before the Summer by opening a pop-up store, found on Storefront, in the heart of Milan. It was very close to the unmissable Duomo, the tourist and historical attraction of Milan, that La Reveche chose for one day in a space of 45 m².

The strategy? To capitalize on the end of May 2018, when Summer holiday shopping was just beginning to show up, to cater to its clientele. The other added value of opening a pop-up store for La Revêche is to have a first shop in its own name in Milan, in line with its strategy that’s based on distribution in multi-brand stores or online.

With a central location, a minimalist decor to highlight the product, and lots of social media marketing … the brand brought in particularly high traffic throughout the day.


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