Luxury Shoe Company DAVER Opens Up Pop-Up Shop For New York Fashion Week

Heels make the woman. Not that intelligence and a genuine heart aren’t up there but place a pair of heels on her, and she is immediately transformed.

Regardless of the inch height, the color of the sole, or the style of shoe, heels make every woman stand a little taller and walk a slight more confidently.

They are the chameleon of fashion. That pair of 1980’s distressed mom jeans are instantly elevated to the on-trend “I care, but I don’t really want you to know that I care” style when paired with leather booties.

However, that beloved pair of heels usually has a pain tolerance expiration date. Leaning against lampposts, or locating any surface that looks somewhat acceptably sit-able becomes your number one focus. Companies have tried to improve on altering this concept of shoe-icide, to little avail.

Either the style is too matronly, or the comfort technology is comparable to sleeping on your grandma’s passed down a mattress from 1960.

DAVER Shoes agrees. Every DAVER shoe prototype is personally tested for quality and style by owner and designer Shereen Daver herself. The shoe will only pass through Daver’s hands into production if it passes the six standards of quality assurance including implementing Vibram soles, Poron cushioning and NewSoftGel ball and heel lining, top quality leathers/suedes, purple Italian leather lining, lion and butterfly marque in gold hardware, and always manufactured in Italy, the home of fine leather and even finer shoes.

The result is the perfect marriage of on-the-cusp style with the paramount in comfort. A seemingly impossible feat, and one that you need to experience firsthand to experience for yourself.

Fortunately, Shereen Daver is opening up a pop-up shop called WALK during New York Fashion Week from February 4-9 at 215B Bowery Street so you can test the beauties out yourself. The pop-up shop will be open Tuesday from 2-6 PM, Wednesday through Saturday from 10-7 PM, and Sundays 12-4 PM.

With all the frenzied schedules from runway show to designer expose, WALK by DAVER is the perfect intermediary. Treat your feet to some major R&R, and nab some serious compliments once you sashay on with new DAVER heels to your next destination.


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