Storefront Guide: Pop-Up Stores in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s diverse Sheung Wan district is quickly becoming one of the best areas to launch a pop-up store or gallery. Here’s our pick of the best areas within the district.

A lively local scene for a prime pop-up area

Situated on the west side of Central, Sheung Wan is a concoction of old and new, where traditional street life juxtaposes futuristic corporate skyscrapers. Riding the rickety Ding Ding tram, you will discover that the area abounds with traditional Chinese shops, art galleries, antique shops and dried seafood stores, creating a lively local scene.

Galleries, coffee shops, temples and pop-up stores

The area offers the most fascinating array of designer homewares stores, themed coffee shops and art galleries, restaurants and bars line Gough Street. In the area near Central, you will even find department stores and boutiques, a great environment for a pop-up store. The modern element of Sheung Wan is delicately balanced by the historical aura exuded by the Edwardian-style Western Market, as well as the antique stalls on Upper Lascar Row, also known as Cat Street. Of course, with Man Mo Temple and the Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal sitting in Sheung Wan, the area benefits from very high foot traffic with locals and tourists coming and going all day.

With its many advantages, Sheung Wan is a perfect place to establish a pop-up store. Local Hong Kong brand Dustykid has understood that well, and had successfully launched its first Sheung Wan pop-up store in December 2016 with Storefront. As Sheung Wan is located next to the Mid-levels, a pop-up store there will attract expatriates, but also many locals, because Sheung Wan inhabitants are truly anchored in the Chinese culture.

Launch a pop-up store in Sheung Wan:
Pop-Up Store in Arty Sheung Wan

Open your next pop-up in this classic, warm and cosy 800 sq ft space. It’s perfect for trendy brands looking to gain exposure.

Showroom in Sheung Wan

This modern 600 sq ft space located on the street level and equipped with a small indoor artificial garden is perfect for a Pop-Up retail, private sales, showrooms and product launches.

Bright Pop-Up Space in Sheung Wan

This superb 1,500 sq ft 2-level shop is ideal for hosting your next concept store in the lively area of Sheung Wan.

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Great Pop-Up Space in Sheung Wan

Surrounded by elegant boutiques and galleries, this lovely 450 sq ft space in Sheung Wan is ideal to host a cute pop-up store.

Pop-up Boutique in Sheung Wan

This 260 sq ft space situated on the ground floor of a charming low-rise classic Hong Kong building is precisely what you need to launch your next pop-up shop in Sheung Wan.

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