Hong Kong Brand Dustykid Launches Pop-Up Store with Storefront

Local Hong Kong brand, Dustykid, opened an experimental pop-up store with Storefront for the festive season. The temporary store was located in the calm neighborhood of Circular Pathway, Sheung Wan, and ran from December 17th to December 31st, 2016.

The Dustykid Store
The Dustykid Store
The Brand Story

Dustykid is a brand built from online strategies. Founded in 2005, Dustykid had a sudden boom in popularity between 2012 and 2013, as Facebook and social media started to grow in Hong Kong. It all began with short and sweet illustrated quotes posted every day, from little jokes to more motivational and inspiring quotes. Then, it started to build on followers talking about their ups and downs, secrets and moods of all kinds. This helped Dustykid to get closer to its followers and establish a personal relationship with each one of them. In return, the brand was able to gain more momentum through social media.

Dustykid built its business model with the aim of bridging the gap between their online and offline presence. In 2013, they tested their concept using a postcard marketing campaign. Followers had to share and like their posts to get the chance to receive a postcard through the mail in the following days. Following the campaign, their followers surged from 2,000 to 15,000 and the brand started to participate to book fairs every year. Today, they have 84,000 followers on Facebook.

Pop-Up Strategy

We spoke to the founders and during our conversations, they underscored the importance of the online platform. Building an online relationship with followers is key. Crediting their success to both a creative concept and an agile and resilient business model, Add Wong gave us their tips about brand building strategies for new emerging brands:

“First, build your own content and audience. Second, you must test your concept offline and determine the potential of your brand.” 

At the end of 2016, Dustykid launched a pop-up store during the festive season in the neighborhood of Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. With 60 visitors per hour on average, they created a destination after using Storefront’s concierge service to find the perfect space for them. The area is not known as one with the highest foot traffic in Hong Kong but that turned out to be something Dustykid could take advantage of as Add Wong explains:

“Even though the area does not have the highest foot traffic, it allowed us to really connect with our followers in a more personal way.”

Dustykid experimented opening of two pop-up stores at once, one in a location with high foot traffic and the other in a calmer part of the city. They learned an important lesson: heavier foot traffic does not mean more business. The most important thing is to make good use of a physical space in order to connect with your customers and get in touch with potential followers in the real world.

The Dustykid store drew 60 visitors per hour
The Dustykid store drew 60 visitors per hour

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