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Gallery/Showroom Space In Dalston


£2,160.00per week


£2,160.00per week
£7,200.00per month
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Weekly rate£2,160.00
Monthly rate(-22%) £7,200.00
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Space Type:

Ground floor street

Rental Capacity:

820 sq ft

Minimum Rental:
1 week

Maximum Rental:
1 month

Ref Number:

The location

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About this space

This 820 square foot Gallery space in the heart of Dalston is a winning venue that has seen many cool brands and art collectives use it for launching new products and shows.

This space is semi divided into 3 spaces from the white walled shopfront through a concrete effect middle room and into a white walled large back show room complete with a bar. The art work will be taken down.

Footfall is fantastic as it sits 30 seconds away from Dalston Junction Overground.

Nearby points of interest

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Ideal Uses



Street Level
Window Display
Handicap Accessible
Sound & Video Equipment



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How Storefront works:

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Why Lease Gallery/Showroom Space In Dalston?

Are you looking for a showroom or gallery space in Dalston, London? The Storefront is the perfect solution for you. Located in the heart of East London, this space is perfect for events, exhibitions, product launches, and more.

What Are the Features of the Gallery/Showroom Space In Dalston?

The Storefront's showroom space in Dalston, London, is a great option for any type of event or exhibition. It has a large open area, perfect for exhibitions, product launches, and more. The space also offers plenty of natural light, making it an ideal venue for photography, video shoots, and other creative activities. Additionally, the space is equipped with a fully equipped kitchen and bar, making it a great option for product launches and other events.

What is the Gallery/Showroom Space In Dalston Ideal For?

The Storefront's showroom space in Dalston, London, is a great option for any type of event or exhibition. It is perfect for product launches, exhibitions, photography, video shoots, and more. The space is also ideal for events such as art openings, fashion shows, and other creative activities.

How to Rent the Gallery/Showroom Space In Dalston?

Renting the Storefront's showroom space in Dalston, London, is easy. Simply visit the website, select the space you are interested in, and submit an inquiry. You can also book a visit to view the space in person. Once you have decided to rent the space, you can sign a contract and begin planning your event or exhibition. The duration of the rental depends on the type of event or exhibition you are planning, but it typically ranges from one day to several weeks.