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£202.80per day


£202.80per day
£1,251.59per week
£3,326.40per month
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Daily rate£202.80
Weekly rate(-12%) £1,251.59
Monthly rate(-45%) £3,326.40
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Space Type:

Ground floor street

Rental Capacity:
Entire or Partial

2,228 sq ft

Minimum Rental:
2 days

Maximum Rental:
3 months

Ref Number:

The location

The exact location information is provided after you schedule a visit with the owner

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About this space

1. Rental of the premises is subject to availability and is at the complete discretion of the landlord.

2. Nothing is to be fixed to any of the walls.

3. Nobody is allowed into the garden.

4. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises including the garden.

5. The premises are unlicensed.

6. No alcohol is to be sold without the landlord’s written consent and a Temporary Event Notice (TENs)

7. Customers are not allowed to bring alcohol to the premises.

8. The landlord will charge a fee (price on application) for Temporary Event Notice (TENs). The fees are to be paid in advance of the rental. Breach of this term will be subject to the fee being deducted from the deposit together with all professional costs and disbursements incurred.

9. Temporary Event Notice (TENs) is the tenant’s responsibility and cost, as required, subject to landlord’s consent

10. The keys are to be returned to the Landlord at the premises by 10.00 hrs the following morning, but not Saturday, Sunday and/or bank holidays. Failure will incur a daily charge of £199 + vat per day, unless otherwise agreed with the landlord in writing.

11. Designated hours are 09.00 – 23.00 hrs

12. Security required after 18.00 hrs at tenant’s expense. The instructions to the security company are to be agreed in writing by the landlord, before possession.

13. The security company is to be properly regulated with the relevant insurance. The insurance needs to be emailed to the landlord, before possession.

14. The tenant is responsible for providing their own heating.

15. TV licence, as required, is the tenant’s responsibility.

16. Landlord’s broadband isn’t to be disconnected.

17. If the landlord’s broadband is out of action then it is the tenants responsibility to provide their own broadband/wifi.

18. Tenant is to leave the premises properly secured with burglar and fire set & working and shop shutters closed.

19. No inflammable substances and equipment are allowed.

20. Tenant is to keep cleansed and free from obstruction all sewers, drains, sanitary apparatus, water and waste pipes, air vents and ducts exclusively serving or forming part of the Premises.

21. Compulsory cleaning charge of £25 + vat per hour and £10 + vat cleaning materials with a minimum charge £60 + vat. The cleaning is arranged by the landlord. The licensee is responsible for the removal and management of their rubbish, recycling and compliance with the London Borough of Hackney. The landlord will charge its management time of £100 + vat per hour, plus the cost of removing any rubbish, materials and products etc left in the premises. All breaches are the responsibility of the licensee including payment of fines. All fines, fees and charges incurred by the landlord will be deducted from the deposit without discussion and notice. Hackney policy on rubbish

22. The tenant is to reimburse and compensate the Landlord and his Agent for all costs and expenses arising from any breach on the part of the Tenant of this Agreement, including all professional, legal fees, court fees, disbursements. Interest on all monies owed for whatever reason (not limited to builders, tradesmen, professional fees and disbursements) will be charged at 1% per month.

23. All areas, measurements or distances are approximate.

24. The text, photographs and plans are for guidance only and are not comprehensive.

25. Tenants must satisfy themselves by inspection or otherwise prior to signing the licence and taking possession, that they are satisfied with the condition of the premises. It is a pop up. There is wear and tear from previous tenants. No refund will be given for tenants being unhappy with its condition. The tenant will be required to sign a form prior to taking possession, that the premises are acceptable.

26. City Heritage Ltd, the landlord’s agent will hold the deposit of £1000.

27. Tenants to have their own public liability insurance with a minimum cover of £5 million addressed to THE SHOP. A copy must be emailed to the landlord before signing of the licence agreement.

28. Tenants to have their own contents insurance for THE SHOP. A copy of the insurance must be emailed to the landlord before signing of the licence agreement.

29. The landlord doesn’t accept any liability for security, CCTV, fire, theft, burglary, damage, flood, damp, water, electricity, broadband, fire, burglar alarms and/or destruction of the tenant contents (incl force majeure) and injury &and/or death of the tenant’s staff and customers under any circumstances.

30. The tenant is responsible for keeping the de-humidifiers on and emptied of water throughout the term of the licence as required by the landlord..

31. The maximum capacity, is subject to fire regulation compliance, is 120 people incl customers and staff, with a maximum of 60 people in the basement and 60 people at ground floor at any one time.

32. The terms and conditions are continually updated on the website without notice. There are no verbal changes to the terms and conditions.

33. Music is only allowed in the basement. No noise and/or music is allowed , at anytime, that can be heard outside the ground and basement shop premises.

34. No noise and/or music is allowed at ground floor, at anytime, that can be heard outside the ground and basement shop premises.

35. The landlord will provide a music system set to limiters that cannot be heard outside the ground and basement shop premises. Any increase in volume without the landlord’s consent will be subject to £500 + vat penalty which will be deducted from the deposit without further discussion and notice.

36. Cancellation policy

36.1.50% refund for cancellations up to 10 days before the booking

36.2. 25% refund for cancellations up to 3 days before the booking

36.3. No refund for cancellations under 3 days before the booking

36.4 If a lockdown does happen we will pay back the deposit and 50% of the rental amount with the understanding that you will rebook the space within 3 months, subject to availability.

37. The premises are rented subject to government & Hackney Covid regulations. It is the responsibility of the licensee to comply.

38. All damage, leaks, problems, faulty services incl broadband, water, electricity, gas, CCTV, burglar and fire alarm must be reported immediately

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Ideal Uses



Fitting Rooms
Street Level
Window Display
Handicap Accessible
Security System
Stock Room
Sound & Video Equipment
Ground Floor
Whitebox / Minimal
Large Door Entrance
Multiple Rooms
Water Access
Animals Friendly



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