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Spacious Room in Los Angeles


$960.00per day


$960.00per day
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Daily rate$960.00
Above your budget? Discuss with the owner


Space Type:

Rental Capacity:
Entire or Partial

3,000 sq ft

Minimum Rental:
1 day

Maximum Rental:
1 week

Ref Number:

The location

The exact location information is provided after you schedule a visit with the owner

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About this space


To get into space you must walk straight through first floor which is approximately 65-68 feet long then a staircase that is 20 steps. No elevators. When setting up bring a few people for a faster process.

-No bassy Djs or big parties. Space is meant for chill events. Please continue reading for what is allowed and not.

Before booking please tell me what type of event it is and what you are having.

So I can approve if it’s okay to have certain things.

Events NOT allowed :

-Moshing ( Mosh pits)

-Dance performances that involve crazy jumping up and down.

-BIG Groups that Jump up and down to possibly make building fall.

-No big function parties At ALL you will be kicked out with no refunds . Please respect space.

-No Bassy Dj’s.

Space is meant for chill events. Please respect that.


If you have an event you must have security or a trusted family/friend member .If it's a small crowd not a problem but if it's a big crowd (more than 50) If you don’t have security to control your crowd please do not book. You will have to show proof of your security day of your event to worker. You need one to operate downstairs at all times to move crowd upstairs. No one is allowed to chill downstairs.

What you need to bring :

-Need to bring own chairs and tables.

What space comes with:

-Comes with light Led lights on ceiling and party light as seen on photos.

-AC is included

- 1 Bathroom (which is why there is a limit of people)


-Please note space may not replaced by something else within a couple months so leaving it open for events as of right now!


-You have to now pay for your set up time. There will be no drop offs or setting up before the time you booked. THE TIME YOU BOOK is the time you can do your drop offs, setting up, ect.


- YOUR CLEAN UP TIME is considered your booking hours. If you are cleaning up after that it is still time that is going to be charged so if you feel like you need more time to clean up then book additional time. You will be charged day of if you go over. Reason is host is waiting for clean up and has to stay longer.

When cleaning up please take everything with you. It's not my responsibility to hold things for you. Anything that is left will be thrown away. People so far have made a habit of leaving things and trying to get it next morning. I have top clean upstairs and do a lot of tours plus an event might take place after so I have to clean. TAKE EVERYTHING WITH YOU.


-Major one is no chilling downstairs at all! I will cover and block everything out but please no chilling downstairs

-Pretty simple is keeping door closed. Don’t want flies coming into my building at all. (Downstairs )

(If anyone ruins anything downstairs it’s a charge)

-NO FIRE / FLAMES INDOORS (the Space height is only 9ft)



-If there’s trash downstairs and a mess you will be charged extra depending on how much

-Cleaning fee now depends on how you leave the place. If it’s simple trash to where it’s an easy clean up then you will be charged regular price. If the place is trashed up then cleaning is an additional charge. Which turns into $125 now.

-More than the people you say you are bringing. If it over reaches capacity you will be charged. More than 60 guest is a charge.

Cancellations Policy:

-Due to events blocking more time out (meaning I am also blocking downstairs bookings from happening ) events are not as flexible from canceling . So you have 7 days to cancel an events and if you try to cancel when it comes close then it's a 50% refund.


Please note someone will be in the space downstairs but not in your way at all. Reason why to keep people from playing with downstairs space and to clean up after your event. Building has not been divided yet from people to not go through downstairs. We have an office. Don't worry will not be in your way. Do your thing.

Frequently asked questions:

1) Is there a noise limit?

-No, having a DJ is okay. Loud music is fine. Just not those super Bassy Djs or those super big event dj were music is super loud to the max.

2) Am I allowed to smoke and drink?

- Yes, papers would need to be signed day of stating that I am not responsible for you and your guest. I understand that some events have drinking and smoking.

3) What is the limit of people?

-The most people in space would be 75 max. I never had an event with more than that. Just depends what you are doing then I might take things into consideration. Just message me what type of event it will be and if security will be involved. Security is a must if you don’t have security do not book. You need one at all times operating downstairs because no one is allowed to chill. If you can’t control your crowd you will be asked to leave.

4)Can I come view the space?

-Yes, but please message me day of to see what a good time to come in because People rent downstairs portion usually a day before. (Only one time visits nothing more, make sure you ask all the questions during visit, ONlY ONE VISIT) When coming to visit PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME IF YOU CAN INCLUDE DOWNSTAIRS PORTION. IT’S NOT INCLUDED EVEN IF YOU GUYS ARE RESPONSIBLE. IT’S A NO.

5)Can I use downstairs portion.

-No, it is only used for productions for a team of 20 people max. That will be blocked off. It’s not included no matter how responsible you guys are.

6) Can you block my time frame?

-No, whoever books first will get the time slot and day.

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