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What is Storefront Premium?

Storefront Premium is a service tailored to corporate and premium brands and organisations. Renters who qualify for Storefront Premium will have access to unique and premium spaces and the support of a dedicated project manager to provide hands-on support throughout the entire project; from search to installation.

Storefront Premium helps renters who are not eligible avoid the disappointment of inquiring for spaces that are outside their budget and project scope. We want all of our users to have as positive an experience as possible.

Why should I use Storefront Premium?

Storefront Premium saves you time and makes your life easier. Our dedicated team are on-the-ground retail experts with years of experience sourcing spaces for projects across the world. 
Personalized searches
Access to Storefront Premium-only spaces 
Access to unique gem spaces not on the platform
Dedicated account manager
Negotiate contracts and rents on your behalf
Single touchpoint throughout the entire process
Support with additional services such as staffing, insurance, design and more

Storefront premium

Who is eligible for Storefront Premium?

Storefront Premium is reserved for corporate and premium renters who are planning projects with larger budgets, longer durations or numerous locations in a short period of time.

There is no specific requirement regarding the type of project or nature of the renter. You could be an established brand looking for a six-month pop-up store, a digitally native business looking to expand quickly or an agency that’s won a pitch to represent someone else. The best option is to click below to see if you are eligible.

How do I apply for Storefront Premium?

Anyone can apply for Storefront Premium. Storefront Premium is a paying service but you may be eligible to get it for free. To see if you qualify, click the button below. We’ll ask you to provide further details about your business and your project. Using this information we will assess whether Storefront Premium is the right fit for you. Whether you’re eligible or not we’ll let you know as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, not everyone is eligible for Storefront Premium. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Eligibility depends on whether the Storefront Premium service can help you. If you are not eligible it means that Storefront Premium just wouldn’t work for you.

What if I’m not eligible for Storefront Premium?

Storefront Premium only represents a fraction of our renters and listings. There are thousands of spaces on Storefront to browse and book from that are not restricted to Storefront Premium. In fact, many spaces we propose to Storefront Premium clients are available to book normally through the Storefront platform.

So if you’re not eligible for Storefront Premium it’s nothing to worry about. There is definitely a Storefront space on the platform that is perfect for you. Head to the platform and start your search now.

Storefront Premium is global!

We will help you find the perfect venue for your project. Anywhere in the world.
Apply for Storefront Premium today.

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