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How to find warehouse spaces?

As you begin to expand your business operations, you might find yourself in need of a much larger place to manufacture, store a range of products, or carry out day-to-day operations on the scale. In this case, you may be in need of a business or storage location while staying on your budget for this month. Warehouses, studios, manufacturing buildings, and multi-use places are all thought to be business attributes.

Booking a warehouse rental presents a valuable business opportunity without going above the budget and is here to stay. Without having to commit to a long-term commercial lease, warehouse rental spaces can also be used to promote your brand, concept, monitor, service, or launch a themed event without any extra costs. So what are your option for your next warehouse spaces? There are many use cases and features for a warehouse provided by tenant and property owner in Storefront, such as a video studio, parking lots, industrial space, office space, loading dock which is perfect for the video shoot, film production, pop up shops, warehouse event with minimum effort.

Need a space for one day, a week, a month, or a full year? Warehouse spaces on Storefront are flexible, lasting however long you need them to – it’s up to you. Select the neighbourhood that seems to be an ideal fit for your business opportunity. There are no criteria a warehouse event space can’t meet when it comes to meeting your needs – from food, art, décor, tech, fashion …

Advantages of renting your warehouse with Storefront

What if someone told you that whatever is in your mind right now could become a reality in 12 days? If you find this hard to believe, just know that this is the average amount of time Storefront Team or our concierge service takes to organize everything, from a selection of spaces to speak to the tenant to finally opening, regardless of the location (thus, even in New-York, Los Angeles or Atlanta!). The creativity of your warehouse space is limitless and up to you! In addition to representing a real phenomenon, a unique experience, and getting closer to your customers, short-term space rentals (such as 1-2 months) are in high demand. Although the experience is short-term, memories are lasting.

High visibility

The press loves themed events in the warehouse location or studio, just like your customers – who also appreciate a certain exclusivity they will feel, due to the short-term nature of your event allowing maximum exposure.


Part of the job of being an owner is to connect and monitor your clients and allowing direct access for your clients to reach you. Booking a physical space is invaluable and not an option when it comes to building a real relationship with your customers outside of the virtual world. Give them a day pass to see your brand in action directly to increase your network!

Test different markets

When you launch a business or seek to expand one, knowing where to go isn’t always clear and might cost time. Imagine spending hours and hours only to measure which markets and neighbourhoods will be most receptive. Short-term space rentals gave you access to the time and flexibility to test and monitor different areas and range of products without a long-term commitment, giving you the capacity to rent only for a month and make a compact and clear budget plan coming month.


The reason many brands are afraid of retail and hesitate to establish themselves physically in cities is because of the financial risk involved, thus putting them on a budget. Warehouse stores solve this problem. On Storefront, we have the perfect space for lease with diverse locations and affordable base rent pricing for a month ranging from those that only cost a penny, so you don’t hurt your budget!

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“Storefront gave us flexibility where other platforms had minimum commitments of around one month, which was not suitable for this project”
“The Storefront platform was a really useful tool for us to find a location with quality lighting conditions, big windows and was situated in a vibrant neighbourhood. We eventually chose this location in SoHo because the neighbourhood has a design feeling. This street is super cute.”
“We had a lot of positive feedback from customers, business relations and press. Also the show up to all our events in the store and the number of Spinnin’ merchandise items that we sold tell us the Spinnin’ Records Popup Store 2018 was a great success. ”
“We were especially happy with the easy communication and responsive service we got from Storefront,” she explained. “Storefront helped us secure the type of location we needed, in good condition and centrally located.”