The popular tea brand, Wandertea, opened its doors for a cozy Pop-Up Store in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Created by influencer Caroline Receveur, Wandertea is launching its first-ever physical store from November 2 to December 31, 2018, perfect to warm up with during the winter and make beautiful gifts for the holidays that are just around the corner.

We went to meet the brand to learn more about this Pop-Up space hosted by Storefront. Inside, is a tea-tasting area with Californian vibes, representing a total immersion into the world of the brand for its customers to enjoy.

  • From online sales to physical sales

“This is the first time that Wandertea has opened a physical store in its own name. We have always sold via our website, or through our distributors. Opening a short-term shop allows you to measure the traffic of a physical storefront VS website traffic, to be able to organize events and to offer a real Wandertea experience to our customers during the end of year Holidays. As a brand of healthy tea, with different ranges and cures, customers can also taste the flavors and thus, choose their favorite one more easily according to their tastes. ”

  • A strategic Pop-Up Store during the Christmas season

“Opening a pop-up store for the holidays is obvious: we’re able to offer our customers the opportunity to have a true shopping experience by taking pleasure in physically choosing their gifts for their loved ones, to find exclusive products only sold in this pop-up boutique, and to also allow a new clientele to discover Wandertea products through tastings and personalized advice. “

  • The importance of the pop-up location

“We absolutely wanted a shop with an area not exceeding 30m² to accentuate the comfy side and reinforce the attention we wanted to dedicate to our customers. The neighborhood, Saint-Germain-des-Prés, was obviously very important for us in order to to be able to offer a real experience to the visitors. We absolutely loved this shop with the neat finishes and this charming front that gives off a warm vibe.”


  • The Wandertea team’s advice to open a Pop-Up Store

On Developing A Communications Strategy:

  • “We will continue our current communication strategy of being close to our Internet users via Wandertea’s social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).”
  • We also plan to inform the press of the shop opening and will put together other actions to attract customers in our pop-up store via specific events, special attention when buying our products, and offers specially designed for the occasion! “

A word of advice: Think about preparing the communication on your shop in advance because you will only have a few months to attract customers to the store. Tease it out several days or weeks before on your social networks and talk to your networks to build buzz and attract even more people on opening day.

On The Booking Process: + Why You Should Book The Store In Advance:

“The main challenge in opening this pop-up boutique was the time! We placed a lot of importance on choosing the perfect shop and we only had a month and a half to be able to organize it. Things like requests for quotes, decorations, recruiting staff, getting stock, making signs had to be done and there was a real race against the clock with the whole Wandertea team who had to stay mobilizes in order to meet deadlines and open on time.”

Our main advice is to plan the pop-up store in advance by visiting several stores in different neighborhoods so you can land on the most suitable location for what you envision. Sometimes you might have a very specific neighborhoods in mind, but then change your mind upon actually visiting it! Do not hesitate to reach out to people in your network to try and limit the costs of certain things, make collaborations, get furniture loans, etc.” any bit helps!

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