Sharing is Caring: The Success of Shared Pop-Up Stores

At the height of the sharing economy, brand synergy and visibility make a strong case for shared Pop-Up Stores.

2016 continues to herald major societal changes. We are truly immersed, as consumers and citizens, in a participatory culture. The sharing economy reigns supreme. Businesses like Airbnb and Uber are now integral to our daily happiness and ease. Apps like  with allow us to meet and dine with strangers. We are learning, living, eating, and riding together, with a wealth of “-ings” on the horizon.

Pop-Up Stores are the zeitgest of all brands in 2016 and are no stranger to collaboration. Partnering makes it possible for brands to put their products in front of larger audiences. Pop-Up Stores and short-term rentals can no longer be thought of as simply a way to make ends meet during vacancies or to generate quick cash flow for brands, they are revolutionizing retail in a time when consumers long for connection and are communicating brand messages purely. Whether brands be unusually or complementarily paired, their unions will not go unnoticed.

In December 2014, La Garçonnière, a collective of 15 young designers set up shop in the heart of the Sentier district in Paris thanks to Storefront. Designed for “gentlemen with taste”, it housed a lovely range of accessories like bags, shoes, bow ties, watches, hats and glasses.

“The idea came to us during a meeting with the creators of Oncle Pape a year ago at the Made in France show, le Salon de la Haute Façon. We met there and got along well. We wanted to launch our own store, not year-round because the costs are too high, but for a short spell and at the best time, during the Christmas season. None of the La Garçonnière creators have brick-and-mortar stores, however the direct channel with customers is very important to us. We all have online retail platforms, but this place gave us the opportunity to be together – physically! The creators of each brand are on site and can convey their brand message directly. There is no better brand ambassador than the founder! There was tremendous from being set up together: each brand has its own following. Add fifteen brand followings together and you have a large, impressionable following. Each brand brings their contacts, journalists, bloggers, and aficionados to the table…. To have a shared space, it is ideal to talk about our brands.” – Victor Barbazangues, founder of the Apto brand, and initiator of the La Garçonnière pop-up store.



4 reasons to partner with other brands

1 – Save money: Sharing rental fees lowers your space fees substantially. This is a huge incentive for young designers with humble funding and a priority is to grow their brand through optimal visibility.

2 – Sharing is caring: sharing enriches and provides exchanges and learning across brands. When brands join hands, they benefit from a common goal.

3 – Optimize traffic and visibility: more brands = more customers. Each brand arrives with its own clout and following, which grows exponentially from the other brands’. Put enough goodness in one place, and word of mouth will do the rest.

4 – Fun: warm, original, and showrooms and pop-up stores do stand out. Your temporary shop will be even more attractive. peepers eyes full of joviality and resell to customers under the charm!

Tempted to launch a Pop-Up? Let us guide you to the perfect place, be it alone or as an ensemble. We have an enticing catalog of Showrooms and Pop-up Stores for all tastes and budgets!

Contemporary Gallery in the Marais
Garage réaménagé, New York - West Village
Renovated garage, New York – West Village
Pop-Up Store dans le centre d'Hong-Kong
Pop-Up Store in the center of Hong-Kong

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