There are plenty of benefits in having plants in your pop-up store. They purify air, reduce stress and anxiety, lower background noise, and increase productivity. Aesthetically, plants might be some of the best decor elements available. Plants are capable of transforming any room into a more pleasant and visually satisfying space. While most people associate plants with households, plants make great decor elements for any retail store and will make it more inviting for customers.  Here are our top ways to make your pop-up store pop by incorporating plants:

Large Plants

Large plants are great for stores as they create a strong statement and are easily noticeable. They can be placed on the floor throughout the store and by the windows, making the store look more inviting while breaking up a space into zones that should be experienced separately.

Some of the large plants that we recommend are the majesty palm, fiddle leaf fig tree, bird of paradise, and yucca. All of these are beautiful plants with distinct looks that can be incorporated into many different retail designs. We highly recommend incorporating plants into window displays as it will catch peoples’ eyes as they walk past and attract more potential customers. We also suggest grouping several plants together to create a green corner and more of a jungly feel in your store. Use different shapes and sizes to create texture and depth and draw customers’ eyes towards your merchandise.

Medium Plants

Medium plants are great as floor pieces as well as central pieces for large merchandise displays. There are so many plants of different colors and textures that finding the ones that fit your style and aesthetics is pretty easy. We recommend using easy care plants that can tolerate lower light and do not require frequent watering. These plants include rubber plants, snake plants, Chinese evergreen, pothos, dracaena, and yucca.

(Pro tip: For high light spaces, cacti, succulents, and palms are great if they fit with the style of your store (usually more of a Southwestern or Western aesthetic).

Small Plants

Small plants are perfect for shelves and display tables. Putting a couple of plants on each shelf is a great way to breakdown a merchandise display and make it look livelier.  Also consider making an entire shelf dedicated to plants with room for a central piece of merchandise. Photos of our plant shelves routinely get more likes on social media and as such, gain wider exposure.  Let plants do the work of selling your flagship product by surrounding it in greenery.

Hanging Plants

Hanging plants are some of our favorites to decorate with, and any pop-up store can benefit from them. They’re perfect for rooms that don’t have a lot of floor and shelf space. You can hang them on the walls and from the ceiling. We recommend using different types of pothos plants, heartleaf philodendron, and some varieties of ferns and ivy for hanging as those are pretty easy to take care of.  

Green Walls

Another great way to incorporate plants into your store decor is a green wall. They are a bit pricey but they make for  a perfect statement piece that will brighten up any space and definitely make it pop. A cheaper option that has served us well in past installations is to attach small white shelves to a white wall to create a sort of “Plant Gallery” look.  Play with the location of the shelves to space your greenery out evenly across your wall. You won’t have the thick green carpet look that you get with a green wall, but you’ll have statement pieces that can liven up a boring corner.

With shelves, you also have the flexibility of changing different plants out and mixing in merchandise to keep repeat shoppers interested.

(Pro tip: We have learned that shelves around waist height up to neck height do best for shoppable shelves, anything lower or higher should be used as more of a display that isn’t necessarily shoppable.)


When it comes to vessels, choose the ones that compliment the color palette of the walls, furniture and merchandise in your store. We typically incorporate a variety of textures, colors, and shapes of vessels when we do an installation.  Classic terra cotta or plain white are great as a starting point, but play with grey, pink, brown, and even soft vessels such as baskets or macrame hangers to add variety.


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