Nora Gardner Tackles Women’s Professional Wear

Back when women entered the workforce as men’s “equals”, the statement was to literally appear as “large and in charge” as possible.

Bouffant hair, shoulder pads so large you can take a 20 minute power nap on, and Melanie Griffith spearheading the whole revolution. Griffith was the cinematic fictional poster women for success. Women copycatted the same sashay she did whilst waking into the man’s boardroom to Dolly Parton “9-5”.

One caveat. Fashion failed. Femininity held on for dear life as designers tried desperately to intertwine functionality, powerful women’s dress, and style into one disastrous result.

Granted, this was 80’s fashion. But for the most part, women’s professional attire has changed relatively little. If Melanie Griffith was to 80’s women’s rights, then Nora Gardner should be its new 21st century cover girl. Gardner is liberating women in new way. Freeing them from the prison of unflattering professional work attire.


Gardner has experience playing hardball with the boys. After a successful career on Wall St., Nora Gardner set her sights to a new, and perhaps even more difficult challenge… altering the landscape of women’s work attire.


Her mission is to empower women to tackle their intended careers through confidence in wardrobe, comfort and function. Her collections are streamlined, elegant and meant to enhance a women’s silhouette instead of covering it up. The message reads that a woman does not need to hide her femininity in order to succeed. Instead, it should be embraced.

My ultimate goal is to change the perception of the career minded woman. It is possible to feel good, look good, and be respected by colleagues in the workplace. Working with Storefront has been a pleasure, and has helped me reach my customer quicker than online.

Nora Gardner Owner and Designer


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