Genevieve Collection (GVCOJ) is an up-and-coming jewellery brand created by GIA Graduate Gemmologist Jennifer Lai. The GVCOJ was born to offer the market a breath of fresh air with fun and timeless designs and that provide a luxurious lifestyle through jewellery within reach for everyone. The brand did exactly that with a pop-up store in TST’s The ONE that ran from December 1 to January 7, which allowed the online jewellery brand to showcase their uniquely crafted jewellery in the offline world, catering to a different public.

The pop-up store was designed to offer customers a fun and stress-free shopping experience when buying jewellery. “We believe every single woman deserves to own something that makes them feel confident”, Jennifer Lai said. “Our pop-up was a way to bring that message to the public centred around our core message Stay Classy, Stay Fun!”.

The location in the TST mall is part of the continuing development of the pop-up revolution that is changing the retail landscape in Hong Kong and across the world. Mall operators are increasingly recognising the opportunities pop-ups create as a way to diversify the retail mix at a higher frequency. Pop-ups are especially valuable to online-based brands to take their experience offline and see how people react to the products when they are able to really see and touch the items. That goes twice for jewellery brands, because there is nothing that compares to seeing real diamonds sparkle right before your eyes.

Jennifer Lai said she sees pop-ups as a fast growing trend worldwide, with Hong Kong only recently starting to really appreciate how valuable it is both for customers retailers as well as for retailers. She said, “it’s a win-win for both because it keeps things exciting and fresh for customers while retailers get to test out different concepts at different locations.” She added that they will do more pop-ups in the future as good locations and prices become available, and she was very pleased with the support she got from Storefront in securing the location in The ONE in TST.


View the Chic space for pop-ups in TST shopping mall

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