SELFNATION Launch London Pop-Up Store with Storefront

SELFNATION is a brand with a mission: combining fashion design with engineering to create perfectly fitting jeans. A groundbreaking concept in the world of Fashion, SELFNATION produces tailor-made for customers at mass level, in a highly automated, sustainable and transparent manufacturing process. This spring, SELFNATION launched their debut Pop-Up Store in London with us, bringing their incredible product to Marylebone, an upmarket neighborhood full of boutiques.

Selfnation pop-up store london

The award-winning Swiss startup seized a gap in the market. Amazingly, women try 20 pairs of jeans before they actually buy. SELFNATION’s unique concept makes the process easier and faster for the shopper. Customers enter 8 measurements into the brand’s online store. They are the presented with a 3D visualisation of each style in their exact size. Top grade denim from Milan is manufactured into the custom jeans in Switzerland or Germany and shipped to the customer within 10 days of ordering.

We spoke to SELFNATION founder, Andrea Schuetz, to find out more about the brand and the success of their Pop-Up Store.

Given that you are an online store, how did you turn your concept into a physical retail venture?

I think it’s always important that the customers have the option see some samples, feel the fabric and get an idea of what it actually looks like in real life, so I think having that – it’s the physical connection as well as the online platform because once they see it and they are convinced and are less scared to order something solely online. I think it’s a really good idea to have something set in stone in a store as well.

So how did the customers interact with your product at your pop-up?

They interacted with the product very well, we always had someone there to explain the collections and the company and company. We always had an iPad or a computer because we’re online based. We also were able to take measurements as everything is tailer-made. So they would browse and have a look and then would be fixated on a sale.

How have you found setting up your shop in London?

For me personally it was very easy, I’ve done this many times. As long as you have great branding and a great team with the space owner and Storefront, I think it’s relatively simple.

What are the benefits of opening a temporary physical retail space?

Getting new clients and having an experience with them in London, seeing how that buzz works well for the brand. Also especially in London you have so many tourists and people that go out an about and exploring and they like to shop! That was the best thing about it.

Did you find anything unexpected or different from your previous stores in Germany or Zurich?

The people are more open, more fashion forward and trend driven. Cultures differ and tastes differ, some things work in some countries and don’t in others so you just have to try and test the market.

How was your experience working with Storefront?

Great! You’ve been an absolutely perfect and amazing advisor and supporter and I really appreciate that. It went very smoothly there were no problems with any of the logistics. It was done very professionally and I’d always recommend it.

Selfnation pop-up store london

Selfnation pop-up store london

Selfnation pop-up store london

selfnation pop-up store london

Selfnation pop-up store london

Selfnation pop-up store london

Selfnation pop-up store london

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