Prepare For Your Pop-Up Shop With This Marketing Checklist

Pop-up stores are a great way to develop your brand, whether it’s for a new product launch, a special sale, part of a market research strategy or expanding customer relationships. Meant to be a space where customers can temporarily get a feel for your products in a unique way, pop-up stores are a powerful tool to generate momentum.

A pop-up store can boost sales tremendously, especially during key consumer moments such as Christmas or Fashion Week – and are promotional super tools.

While there is plenty to think about such as the pop-up shop’s purpose, the budgeting, picking the right location, merchandising, staffing, insurance and what not, the make or break of your pop-up shop depends a great deal on your dedication to marketing. Here are some key points to think about.

Generate buzz

With over 3 billion people worldwide on social media, no effective marketing strategy can do without tapping into these powerful networks. In the weeks leading up to your pop-up store, create a catchy #hashtag and use it on Facebook as you announce events and attract likes, Instagram for visual treats and Twitter for real time updates.

Of course, traditional media cannot be ignored. Magazines, radio and television are still highly effective in getting the word out. Make sure to get in contact with local reporters and invite them to the big launch. A well-written, catchy press release with all the necessary details is also essential.

The Ambassador: NYC pop-up store event, powered through Storefront.


Find strategic partners who share an interest in your brand, the lifestyle it represents or the people it caters to. This may not only be useful in terms of potential sponsoring, but also in generating more attention and foot traffic. Whether these partners’ products stand side by side with yours (for example, cosmetics and apparel), play a role in how your store shows its customers hospitality (coffee, snacks), or plays a role at one of your in-store events (a live band), working together can be of great mutual benefit.

Check out what Netherlands-based brand Karan Cevitam did to generate buzz for their pop-up store before, during and after!

Find Influencers

Influencer marketing as part of your strategy is highly recommended. Although expensive, getting influencers such as popular bloggers behind your brand can help you reach beyond your initial audience and attract more customers. Big shots in this field don’t necessarily have to be your first choice. Micro-influencers generally speak to a more focused and loyal audience, generate a higher engagement rate and are more cost-effective. Find those who fit your niche, perhaps near to your chosen location, and invite them to a pre-launch party. Get them acquainted with your products or have them play a more active role at one of your pop-up events.

Make it eventful.

Depending on the duration of your pop-up store, make sure you plan and promote plenty of events, from pre-launch to launch parties, contests, in-store concerts and other in-store happenings. Make full use of social media, not only in promoting these events but as an integral part of them. For example, a promotional activity could be handing out discount codes or other prizes to those who take remarkable pictures with your products.

Be visible and loud.

While marketing well in advance is important, day-of marketing is crucial. Often, shoppers are impulsive and decide to visit your store on the spot. Be creative and try new things, yet don’t neglect tried-and-true marketing techniques such as handing out flyers and approaching people right outside the store.

Keep talking.

Your hope is that your marketing efforts and actual pop-up event generates a momentum and gets to a point where people start to publish their own content. You want your product to sell itself. Keep an eye on posts under your hashtag, get a sense of people’s sentiments, and quickly follow up with a newsletter after the event which builds on your customer’s experience and… get them hyped up and ready for a next event.


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