3 Reasons To Open a B2B Pop-Up Store

A pop-up store is an effective solution in communicating about your brand or product. While this strategy has been widely demonstrated and used in B2C, it is also extremely relevant for a B2B business as well. Here are 3 reasons to use a short-term space in B2B, plus our favorite examples.

1- Present a new offer

Take advantage of a pop-up store as an event space to gather your customers and introduce your business. Take Sodexo: the brand used its pop-up store as a commercial showroom to introduce its new signature catering product to future customers. Sogeres, Sodexo’s second-largest restaurant brand in France, turned to Storefront to find the ideal space to host a healthy, green and fruity menu to its potential customers for two months.


2- To establish resource partnerships

Where competition is fierce, it’s important to establish a special relationship with partners. For example, L’Emotion GAZ, gas and stove manufacturers, invited Parisians into its interior design pop-up store to promote their products and have customers envision them in their home. The short-term shop was an opportunity to bring together twenty manufacturers accompanied by their partners and other gas professionals, to offer a wide range of gas fireplaces and accompanying features.

3- To revitalize the concept of a showroom!

Historically, brands organize one or more one-off events throughout the year to introduce potential buyers to the products they market. It’s time to break the image of the traditional showroom by offering buyers a new image of this presentation space, with a short-term upgrade! Example: Knotel. This start-up that designs, builds and operates personalized workspaces for young brands, launched a showroom to present its product ‘Agile HQ’. Using a pop-up showroom as a way for potential customers to discover flexible office spaces, Knotel launched an interactive and engaging space in NoHo, NYC. This short-term project generated impressive traffic and pushed Knotel to extend its lease!

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