7 For All Mankind Builds Buzz with Its Pop-Up Store in Le Marais

The retailer 7 For All Mankind opened a pop-up store in one of the buzziest fashion neighborhood in the world: Le Marais. Bringing its All-American denim staples to the heart of le Marais, the brand opened a magnificent flagship for a one year period, to test the Paris market.

This initiative was led by Chris Igwe, President of Chris Igwe International and co-founder of MoreorLess, whose core business is optimizing brand development strategies. Check out some highlights from our interview with him below.

Here are some of the key reasons that pushed 7 For All Mankind to expand into Le Marais:

  • To test the French market by setting up in Paris; more specifically in the heart of the le Marais.

  • To reposition the brand to once again become the number one premium denim brand

  • Capture the Parisian spirit and surround itself with other trendy brands who are already prominent in Le Marais. It was also important for 7 For All Mankind to be present in a landscape of big, busy international brands.

  • Reach new customers; 7 For All Mankind was focused on attracting the right customers to its pop-up store

Why they choose to open a short-term store:

While waiting to find the ideal long-term space, 7 For All Mankind decided to test the market and the neighborhood with a pop-up store first.

“If we had to rank in order of priority the expectations of the brand 7 For All Mankind by opening this short-term shop it would be:

  • Brand awareness; the brand wanted to be know by Parisians by physically being present in their daily lives with a store.

  • It also wanted to reach a high-end clientele; a customer who likes to indulge themselves and who likes the fit jeans, as well as the valuess of the brand.

  • Lastly, to achieve profitability of course!” 

What are the problems faced by an American brand that launches in the French market?

  • There are many problems to pay attention to:

    • First, it’s difficult for an American brand to understand the organization and structure of the French real estate market, plus the fees of real estate agents are much higher than elsewhere. In comparison, we are talking about 30% of rent in France against 10% of rent in the United Kingdom, for example.

    • Another thing to keep in mind is that some brands are born in a shopping center, but in France, not all centers have the same quality. This is another point that needs to be explained to foreign brands..


Lastly, what are the main strategies of 7 for all Mankind to build buzz in Paris?

The location was very important. Also, opening a physical store allowed its customers – or future customers – to try on the jeans before they buy. Plus, the sales advisors are there to talk them through the design and comfort of the jeans, and even show them how to style it.

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