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Retail Boutique on Jermyn Street, Mayfair

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Space Type:

Ground floor street

Rental Capacity:

2,500 sq ft

Minimum Rental:
6 months

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About this space

An exceptional retail space spanning 2,500 sq ft, this opportunity offers immediate occupancy and serves as a golden chance for a brand to establish a physical presence in one of London's most iconic retail destinations.

The space is meticulously prepared and divided between a ground floor and a basement. While the basement is currently designated for storage, it holds the potential for effortless conversion into a sales area, further enhancing the retail possibilities.

Ideal for retail ventures lasting a minimum of four months, the space is well-suited for projects of longer durations, ranging from 6 to 12 months, which will be given preference. This provides ample time for brands to immerse themselves in the vibrant retail scene and establish a strong foothold in this coveted location.


Featuring a ground floor spanning 1,500 sq ft and a basement covering 1,000 sq ft, this space is ideal for showcasing luxury apparel. It offers ample room for display areas, fitting rooms, and expansive windows that catch the eye.

Situated at a prominent corner location on Jermyn Street in Mayfair, the premises exude elegance and sophistication. The interior design seamlessly blends timeless aesthetics with modern elements. The high ceilings, adorned with intricate moldings, contribute to a spacious atmosphere. Soft lighting fixtures gracefully illuminate the meticulously arranged displays.

The layout has been carefully crafted to lead customers through a series of beautifully designed sections. With polished wood floors and plush carpets, the floor underfoot exudes luxury. Thoughtfully placed seating areas provide shoppers with moments of relaxation and contemplation as they consider their purchases.


Jermyn Street and the prestigious Mayfair district in London have become magnets for discerning and affluent shoppers. Mayfair's residents epitomise luxury, with high-net-worth individuals, influential business magnates, celebrities, and diplomats choosing this exclusive neighbourhood as their home. Their opulent lifestyles are evident in the grand apartments and townhouses they inhabit, showcasing their refined tastes and substantial purchasing power. This affluent resident base sets the tone for the upscale shopping experience found in the area.

In addition to the local residents, Mayfair and Jermyn Street attract a significant number of international tourists who seek out exclusive luxury shopping experiences. Renowned for its high-end brands, bespoke tailors, exquisite jewellery stores, and culinary delights, the area entices visitors from around the globe. These discerning shoppers are captivated by the allure and prestige associated with shopping in this renowned district and are willing to indulge in opulent purchases.

The thriving business community in Mayfair further contributes to the vibrant shopping scene. With numerous corporate headquarters, financial institutions, law firms, and consulting companies in the vicinity, business professionals frequent the district for meetings and events. They appreciate the convenience of accessing premium products and services during their breaks or after work. These professionals often possess refined tastes and actively seek out luxury items that reflect their discerning sense of style.

Fashion enthusiasts find a haven in Jermyn Street, which is hailed as a mecca for men's fashion and bespoke tailoring. The street is lined with a mix of traditional and contemporary tailors, shirtmakers, and outfitters known for their impeccable craftsmanship and unique garments. Individuals with a keen eye for fashion and a desire for personalised attention flock to Jermyn Street to discover exclusive and exquisitely tailored pieces that perfectly align with their sophisticated sense of style.


Jermyn Street and Mayfair exude an ambiance characterised by timeless elegance and refined sophistication. These areas are synonymous with luxury, exclusivity, and an unwavering commitment to impeccable taste.

Stepping onto Jermyn Street, you immediately feel enveloped in a sense of heritage and tradition. The street's rich history as a centre for gentlemen's fashion and bespoke tailoring is palpable. Craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail permeate the atmosphere, evoking a bygone era of unparalleled sartorial excellence. The elegant storefronts, adorned with classic signage, emanate an irresistible aura of old-world charm, beckoning you into a realm of impeccable style.

As you move through Mayfair, you're immersed in an atmosphere that exudes sophistication and refinement. The architecture seamlessly blends historic Georgian townhouses, graceful mansions, and modern developments, creating a harmonious tapestry. Expansive boulevards and beautifully landscaped squares contribute to an open and spacious ambiance. The streets buzz with well-dressed individuals, infusing the district with a vibrant and cosmopolitan energy.

Every corner of Mayfair exudes luxury, from the high-end fashion boutiques and prestigious jewellery stores to the upscale dining establishments and exclusive members' clubs. Attention to detail and personalised service are of paramount importance, fostering an atmosphere of indulgence and refinement. Establishments on Jermyn Street and throughout Mayfair are dedicated to providing curated and exceptional experiences, ensuring that every interaction feels extraordinary.

As evening descends, Mayfair transforms into a glamorous and vibrant haven. The area pulsates with the energy of chic cocktail bars, trendy nightclubs, and upscale restaurants. People gather to socialize, network, and revel in the sophisticated nightlife that the district offers.

Jermyn Street and Mayfair together create an environment that epitomises timeless elegance, sophistication, and refined luxury. The ambiance exudes exclusivity, impeccable taste, and an unwavering commitment to attention to detail. Exploring these areas allows you to immerse yourself in a world of sartorial excellence, high-end establishments, and a vibrant cosmopolitan atmosphere that captivates residents and visitors alike

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