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How to find showroom space?

It all starts with your project: what do you need a showroom space for? If it’s for showcasing your collection to your buyers during the Fashion Weeks, then you probably don’t need a storefront. A loft will be most probably the best setting for your exhibit and inviting your guests. The remaining question will be the location: what is most important for you? Is it the proximity to Fashion Week’s fashion show locations? Or do you prefer an environment that resonates best with your brand?

If you are looking for a showroom to showcase your products to end consumers (e.g. for product launches), you will certainly want a more traditional retail setting with a window display. Showroom for rent is available in all styles, shapes & sizes. And it is obviously priced over a very large spectrum depending on foot traffic.

If you already know the location you want – city(ies), neighborhood(s), then jump over our city list and browse our 10,000+ spaces available across 60+ cities worldwide. Use the filters available to restrict the results to the best fit: square feet size, daily rate, property type etc.

If you are unsure about what retail district is the best fit for your brand have a look at one of our neighborhood guides, or just contact a concierge with your request. Have specific requirements, such as added office space? At Storefront, we live and breathe showroom rental: we’ll be happy to provide corporate clients with a free consultation!

Find the perfect showroom for the Fashion Weeks

The fashion capitals of the world feel like pilgrimage sites! Showrooms at this time are booming with business people and buyers eager to discover new designs. Transactions by the thousands take place during this critical week for fashion brands. Showrooms are an ideal location for apparel brands to unveil new collections to guest buyers during peak shopping periods. There are three main criteria for a showroom search: location, aesthetics and the relevance of the place. At Storefront, we listen to your requirements and carefully take into account the DNA of your brand, so that your showroom perfectly reflects this.

Showrooms are your best ally during fashion week! Finding the perfect space isn’t to be taken lightly: it needs to reflect the soul of your brand and be well-located with easy access. Set up your showroom in the Marais, in the heart of Paris, where you’ll find many of the major players taking a stroll during Fashion Week; or feature your collection in the chic Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood to give your brand a classic Parisian allure. Perhaps you’d prefer the Golden Triangle, surrounded by luxury brands. Set yourself apart from the competition with a custom-designed place! We will share confidential addresses with you, our personal preferences – we share everything! Because we know Fashion Week capitals like the back of our hand, we’re able to make Fashion Week more fun for you. We can’t wait to meet you and work with you.

Why choose Storefront to find your next Showroom?


We know your time is precious. With our responsive and efficient team, you can book your ideal space in just a few minutes using our online marketplace! Our direct booking process is very simple, with transparent pricing and no additional fees outside of our service fee.


We have over 800 stunning spaces at your disposal during Fashion Week across a large range of venue types! Some of our addresses are confidential and exclusive; we offer exceptional places, truly beyond compare.


We are available 24/7 to accompany you from the start to finish of your project. We’ll make perfect location recommendations based on dozens of years of cumulated showroom expertise across the whole team. Your success is our priority and our greatest pride!


At Storefront, we are Fashion Week experts . Our team is accustomed to working with major brands and designers.


We guarantee a response from one of our team members in 24 hours maximum to guide you through your showroom search. 


Our platform allows you to book a showroom quickly and intuitively that is simply perfect for your event.

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