3 Ways Pop-Up Shops Raise Your Brand Profile


As this point, it’s a pretty fair assumption that most brands know that in order to create a substantial following, you need to have a well-made website with a strong e-commerce component.  What’s not as obvious though, is the importance of balancing that awesome online presence with one that is offline.

When you’ve put a lot of time, energy, and money into designing and creating a beautiful website, it can be easy to use that space as your only real touch point with customers. Makes sense. It’s so convenient and the imagery is gorgeous, its techie and you’re able to connect to all your social networks.  The thing is, it’s not enough.

In an era when consumers are showered with possibilities, it’s imperative that your brand stands out among the many, many options. In order to do that, you need to take your brand offline and create a complete and holistic approach. This allows you to have a real impact.  Pop-up shops are a great way to do that.

What value does a pop-up shop bring to your brand?

1. Brings your product to life:  Having stellar product photos on your website is awesome (and necessary) but there’s nothing like allowing your customers to touch and feel your products in person.  Until someone can invent a way to experience the sense of touch through a computer screen, offline will always be a necessary component of product appreciation.

2. Allows for face to face time:  Telling a story through your digital channels is something that more and more brands are beginning to understand.  Through things like video and blogging, you’re able to convey the personality behind the brand and let your customers feel like they’re getting to know you.  But isn’t it even better to actually allow them to get to know you?  Interacting with current and potential customers in a live situation is the best way to build lasting relationships and brand loyalty.

3. Provides opportunity for collaboration: Working with other product creators is fantastic.  Collaboration allows you to cross promote and introduce your brand to a whole new audience. It also allows for networking with other people in your industry, which can lead to any number of future opportunities for you and your brand.

When you look at the successes of brands like Bauble Bar, Everlane, Warby Parker, and Bonobos (just to name a few), it’s obvious that creating a strategy for taking your online brand offline through pop-up shops is an absolute necessity.

Tell us about your pop-up shop experiences in the comments below. What value have they brought to your brand?

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