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12 Most Talked About Pop-Up Stores You Can Learn From

Kanye West Pablo Pop-Up Store
Image via Elle

2016 was a rich and turbulent year. It proved that brands and artists were never short on pop-up store ideas. We’ve selected some of the most talked about pop-up stores from Storefront‘s cities around the world. Get inspiration for your next pop-up and make your ideas happen.

Kanye West, “Life of Pablo”, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, London, New York, San Francisco
Life of Pablo Pop-Up Store

Image via High Snobiety

The king of grandeur Kanye West established his Life of Pablo merch pop-up shop not in 1, but 21 cities around the world. The shops were opened for Yeezy fans to purchase exclusive products for a few days in August in cities such as Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia, Singapore, Melbourne or Cape Town. Kanye himself claimed the stores made a staggering $1 million dollars in two days.

Kylie Jenner, Los Angeles
Kylie Jenner Pop-Up Store

Image via Allure

Reality TV star and makeup sensation Kylie Jenner has mobilised the crowds with her Kylie pop-up last December in Los Angeles. Customers were able to shop Kylie Cosmetics products, including the unprecedented holiday collection, but also merch products such as lingerie, hoodies, and t-shirts with the celebrity’s name or face.

Drake, “Revenge Summer Sixteen”, New York City, Los Angeles
Drake Summer Sixteen Pop-Up Store

Image via High Snobiety

Along with a lot of other rappers or singers, Drizzy launched his own merch pop-up shops tour in August. Drake stopped in New York and Los Angeles to sell Drizzy-quote-emblazoned tees, hoodies and caps to mobs of excited fans.

Pantone CaféParis
Pantone Cafe Pop-Up Store

Image via Pantone

After 2 summers in Monaco, last Fall Pantone has established its café in Paris’ Jardin des Tuileries during Fashion Week, enabling us to taste the Pantone colors and stimulate all our senses.

Nike iD Air Max, Hong Kong
Nike ID Pop-Up Store

Image via Hypebeast

To celebrate the Air Max sneaker last March, Nike launched a pop-up boutique where visitors could customise and create a unique Air Max in a futuristic and colorful environment thanks to the iD platform.

Adidas NDM, London
Adidas NMD Pop-Up

Image via TheDrum

To launch its new NMD shoe brand, Adidas created one of the most hyped pop-up stores London has ever seen. Located in Shoreditch, NDM Future House was a 6-day/6-night pop-up hosting DJ sets, art performances, film screenings, and celebrating creativity, art and underground culture.

Google, New York City
Google Pixel Pop-Up Store

Image via The Verge

Last Fall, Google established itself in New York to show its groundbreaking products. Tech enthusiasts rushed to try the highly anticipated Pixel phone, Google Home, and Daydream VR headsets.

RIPNDIP, New York City
RipnDip Pop-Up Store

Image via Hypebeast

The RIPNDIP label opened a shop and an art gallery to celebrate its Spring collection. The iconic character Lord Nermal the cat were painted all over the outside wall and attracted many curious visitors.

The Street Store, San Francisco
The Street Store Pop-Up

Image via SF Gate

Who said that pop-up stores were just about selling products? Not Deepika Phakke of The Street Store, who with the support of Episcopal Community Services organised a pop-up giving homeless people the opportunity to freely shop for those things they need, and give them dignity with a shopping experience that allows them to choose what they like.

BEAMS Japan, Paris
BEAMS Pop-Up Store

Image via Hypebeast

The streetwear brand made its way around the globe to settle in Paris for 12 days last summer. The Le Marais pop-up store has also featured brands such as Loopwheeler, orSlow and Sasquatchfabrix, in addition to BEAMS’ “Made in Japan” line.

2017 has started off strong and a few pop-up stores have already been huge successes.
Daft Punk, Los Angeles
Daft Punk Pop-Up Store

Image via Fubiz

In February, the iconic French music duo opened a 9-day pop-up store in Los Angeles. You could find exclusive merch from caps and jackets, pens and frisbees, and of course the famous helmets. Furthermore Daft Punk teamed up with Virgil Abloh, Gosha Rubchinskiy and Enfant Riches Déprimés on collaborative products.

Vetements, Los Angeles
Vetements Pop-Up Store

Image via High Snobiety

Vetements, the new fashion sensation, which every fashion show is now an unmissable event, stopped in Los Angeles for one day only in February. With its “Dry Cleaning”, Vetements have made one of 2017’s most innovative pop-up stores for sure.

What can we learn from these pop-up successes?

Social Promotion

2016 saw some of the most hyped pop-up stores ever. With social media playing a vital role in the promotion and inevitable success of these pop-ups, it’s clear to see that typical advertizing techniques previously used to get customers into stores is rendered irrelevant when it comes to pop-up stores. Keeping your audience in-the-know builds engagement and creates a connection they’re likely to share.

Exclusivity is Key

Limited edition products, one-off events and special appearances are a sure fire way to build hype as your pop-up approaches. Sharing teasers across social media platforms emphasizing the ‘get it before it’s gone’ notion will generate the kind of buzz that money can’t buy among your audience.

Be Smart with Gimmicks

Make your pop-up work beyond the shop floor by giving people something to talk about. Creative signage and store-fits that provide photo opportunities will give people something to post on their Instagram whilst also elevating your products. This extra effort could also serve to cement your brand’s key values or mission, further engaging your audience to make for a lasting connection.

Feeling inspired by these picks? Book a pop-up store with us in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, London, Amsterdam, Paris or Hong Kong. Rest of the world coming soon!

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