Before / After: 5 Showroom Transformations for Paris Fashion Week

The showroom is to Fashion Week what the museum is to art; therefore it’s important to select your showroom carefully so that you can adequately display your brand and products and attract your customers.

Paris is full of spaces for all kinds of showrooms for Fashion Week: whether it be shops, galleries, apartment or lofts. At Storefront, we give you the keys to the most prized spaces and especially, those that correspond to the DNA of your brand. As we know that it’s sometimes difficult to envision your brand in any empty space, here are 5 examples of spaces transformed into beautiful showrooms during Paris Fashion Week.


Famous American streetwear brand OBEY Clothing found its ideal showroom during Paris Fashion Week in the district of Republique.

  • The challenge : To design the space while observing the original furniture
  • Decoration tip : When you find a space with great storage, lock it in!
  • The ‘wow’ effect : Mastering merchandising without being too overdone
  • What we love : The popular district of Republique is a perfect fit for the brand’s streetwear DNA



Rupert Sanderson, London-based shoe brand, settled in the 1st Arrondissement of Paris to expose its new collection to future buyers.

  • The challenge : Make an otherwise ordinary space a stand-out showroom
  • Decoration tip : Use decorative elements to make the showroom feel more intimate while still leaving customers curious
  • The ‘wow’ effect : The newspaper wall visuals
  • What we love : The brand is a celebrity favorite and always seen in the press, so the idea of using newspapers in the shop to play on this concept is brilliant

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Chalayan chose to establish itself in the middle of Le Marais during Paris Fashion Week.

  • The challenge : To give the space a larger feel
  • Decoration tip : Outline the wall with the collection to make it feel less cluttered
  • The ‘wow’ effect : Add decorative elements like flowers to brighten up the showroom
  • What we love : A simple concept that stands out!

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Won Hundred cleverly transformed a gallery space in Le Marais into a showroom for Fashion Week.

  • The challenge: Dress up an otherwise immaculate gallery to give it some character and a strong brand presence
  • Decoration tip: Break up the empty, expansive feel by adding elements into the space that section it off while still leave it feeling open
  • The ‘wow’ effect: The contrast of the white wall with the colorful collection which highlights the colorful brand elements
  • What we love: The brand successfully made a large space the center of Fashion Week.


American brand Nico Panda chose its favorite neighborhood Le Marais for its showroom.

  • The challenge: Playing off of the space’s aesthetic
  • Decoration tip: Use exposed brick to honor different pieces of your collection or brand
  • The ‘wow’ effect: The big showcase oozes with natural light
  • What we love: The brand placed a discreet sticker on the window to display its logo

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