Rupert Sanderson Fashion Week showroom with Storefront: all about “location, location, location”

During the busy Fashion Week period, we had the chance to interview Andrew Stewart, the Global Commercial Director of Rupert Sanderson. The luxury designer shoes brand based in London has found the perfect showroom with Storefront in the chic 1st arrondissement of Paris.

Hi Andrew! How could you describe the brand Rupert Sanderson?

Effortlessly elegant, we would say “Less is More”, our catchphrase would be “Dreamt and Designed in Mayfair, Made in Italy”. All of our shoes have a beautiful lick of gold on the interior, and we own our factory in Italy.

What makes Rupert Sanderson unique?

The fact that we’re very effortlessly chic, we’re not overly branded. We see ourselves as the shoe choice for the CEO women.

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Why do you need a showroom?

Paris is one of the most important places to buy fashion at the moment. We see buyers 4 times a year in Paris, it’s very important because we are an accessories brand, the buyers are also here because they are buying the ready-to-wear collections. So we always need a showroom in Paris 4 times a year.

Why is this the best showroom?

I think a combination of things: we liked the area very much, it’s very close to a lot of the biggest showrooms, we’re very close to a brand called Celine, which helps… So: location, location, location. Also, it’s a nice wide space, so we can really present our product in a very kind of neutral way, so the product really stands out. And I think it’s also nice that we’re on the street, we feel like a shop front.

What are the main challenges in the showroom quest?

I think probably…location. Because most of the showrooms in Paris are in Le Marais, and we would never want to show in Le Marais at the moment. We feel it’s much better to be close to Place Vendôme, the Tuileries, Palais Royal… so there’s a limited amount of spaces in this area, which is why we were also delighted to find this place. Also, we don’t want to be within a building, where we need to have a code, where buyers don’t find it… We find that it is a very accessible showroom.

What does success mean to you?

Success means achieving our goals in the best possible way.

Shop front, loft, white-box… find the showroom of your dreams on Storefront!

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