DJ Khaled launches limited edition Palmer’s Cocoa Butter with a Storefront pop-up shop

Storefront powers the DJ Khaled x Palmer’s Cocoa Butter pop-up store in New York City

Pop-up stores are the latest craze in hip-hop. Storefront helped Yeezy launch his first New York City pop-up store at the beginning of the trend in 2013, and just last week Storefront launched the smoothest hip-hop product collab to date.. literally. DJ Khaled, the music producer, bestselling author, and crowned king of Snapchat, just launched an exclusive line of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter just in time for the holidays with a Storefront pop-up store in Downtown Manhattan.

One of Khaled’s many “major keys” — in fact, the key to which he attributes most of his success — is cocoa butter, which he covers himself in head to toe with abandon. “I put cocoa butter all over my face and my iconic belly and my arms and legs,” he told The New York Times in an interview earlier this year. “Why live rough? Live smooth.”

Khaled’s Snapchat videos have landed him on Silk beverage commercials and on multiple talk show appearances including The Ellen Degeneres Show and on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he told the late night host it was important to ‘cocoa butter everything‘.

“This is the key,” Khaled said to Kimmel as he rubbed Palmer’s cocoa butter on his face. “The glow.”

Khaled is teaming up with Palmer’s Cocoa Butter to release a three-product range of Khaled-approved cocoa butter lotions — called We The Best Glow, Live Life Smooth, and his formula of choice, They Block — from Palmer’s and We The Best store. He celebrated the unique collaboration last week with a pop-up store sourced by Storefront at the intersection of Soho, Tribeca, and Chinatown. The event was overflowing with Khaled fans and Palmer’s aficionados!

Why live rough? Live smooth. Launch a pop-up store with Storefront, just like DJ Khaled.


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