Really Wild Launches Their First Pop-Up Store in Duke Of York Square

British Brand Really Wild, along with Daniella Draper, are collaborating to launch their pop-up store at Duke of York Square, in an effort to celebrate their British heritage and reach more customers. Really Wild, best known for its well-tailored classic garments that make up a timeless collection, worked with Storefront to pop up for 6 months in this high-traffic, fashion-forward retail hub.

We sat down with Really Wild to discuss this first-ever pop-up shop, why they love this location, and why they chose to collaborate with Daniella Draper to double its success!

  •  Why did the brand choose the Duke of York Square to pop up?
We choose the Duke of York Square as our first pop-up store because the location is very special.  We knew from our current customers base that Chelsea is where they liked to shop and this has been proven since we’ve popped up there!  The location is surrounded with beautiful stores and the area is immaculate, providing a wonderful shopping experience.
  • How did the pop-up collaboration come about with jewellery brand Daniella Draper?
Once we had secured the pop-up store, we contacted Daniella Draper Jewellery as we thought the two brands worked well together.  People who visit either store are able to amble from one store to another without even going outside!  Their customers have become our customers and vice a versa.
  • What has been the best in-store moments so far?
In such a short time, we have had several special moments in the store, from really interesting customers who did not know of the brand before but have become very loyal customers since, and our fun launch party last night where we celebrated in style with a Sipsmith Gin bar!
  • Why did Really Wild choose to expand into pop-up stores?
We wanted to test the London market before committing to a lease – we have one other permanent store just outside London in Marlow and pop-up stores are an ideal way of introducing new customers, in new areas, to a brand.
Arielle Crane
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