Flying Solo lands in Asia with pop-up in Hong Kong

Flying Solo is a unique concept retail store owned by a selection of independent designers. The brand launched in 2016 in New York City, offering a one-of-a-kind opportunity for customers to interact directly with designers. The designers operate the store themselves, making Flying Solo a distinctive brand that aims to create a new connection between designers and customers.

With their pop-up store on, open from November 5 to November 11, they are bringing their revolutionary retail experience to Asia. From a total of 70 designers, 11 were selected to lead the expansion into the Asia market and include Elena Rudenko, NOT, Halstenbach, Jasmine Chong, GBGH Jewelry, Iza by Silvia D&Avila, Kasane, Solomeina, The Modern Tales, Spinoza and Wynono. The curated collection spans across jewellery, women’s fashion and eyewear.

Using Storefront, they were able to find a location that was in the right neighbourhood and was situated close to other brands with similar price points for luxury fashion items. Finding the right location put the brand right where their target customer is. “The response has been amazing,” said Elizabeth Solomeina, Co-Founder of Flying Solo. “We are seeing that the people in Hong Kong really value interacting with the designers and appreciate all the work that goes into creating these products. The idea that all our products are handcrafted unique products, that no one else will own, is especially appealing to our customers visiting the pop-up store.”

Flying Solo previously ran a successful pop-up in Paris and found it to be the perfect strategy for exploring different markets before truly investing time and money. They see pop-ups as a valuable tool to experiment with new audiences and to test the market with different products. Elizabeth said, “We are figuring out what works in the Hong Kong market, and with this pop-up we found out that a concept like ours is needed here. It is safe to assume that we will be doing more international pop-ups into the future.”

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