Here’s How 6 Brands Took Over Chelsea, London

As an affluent, cosmopolitan district of London, Chelsea is host to a range of galleries, museums and high-end retailers. From Sloane Square to the Duke of York Square, to Kings Road, there’s tons of cultural meaning and influence in both the UK and around the world – and a perfect spot to open up pop-up retail spaces.

Surrounded by high-end retailers like Chanel and Prada, both small and large brands alike are popping up in Chelsea to cash in on the surrounding area, and attract both locals and tourists. And, the possibilities and business benefits are endless. From Storefront-powered pop-up stores like Winser London and Divine Cashmere, these 6 Chelsea pop-up stores prove there’s plenty to gain from a short-term lease, including new customers, brand loyalty, and the Chelsea-district stamp of approval!

Photo: Winser London © 2018 Storefront

Winser London

No stranger to pop-up stores, Winser London chose Duke of York Square in Chelsea as its latest neighborhood to pop-up in and develop its short-term concept. As Torly Grimshawe, the brand’s Head of Retail Development told Storefront, “Duke of York Square is well-known for its luxury positioning and collection of go-to family brands that Winser London sits neatly within.” She also added that the Chelsea spaces matches the brand’s DNA and positioning of high-quality, and the brand was wowed by all of the customer love it received in-store. Giving its female customers a way to touch, feel and try on each of the styles, Winser London adequately provided both quality customer service and delivered on its quality fabric promise to both local and destination shoppers.

Insider tip: This space is our top requested space in London, and for good reason, with a prime location, 500 square feet and in excellent condition, brands like Winser are finding much success and foot-traffic!

Divine Cashmere

A local business organizing pop-up stores around Chelsea and Kensington, Divine Cashmere has used this York Street pop-up space to showcase its Spring/Summer collection plus a Winter preview. Already with a showroom in Chelsea, the brand curates pop-up stores in the same area to attract more attention, customers, and host events. Plus, it can gain visibility in the area through these short-term concepts and show appreciation for its Chelsea clientele.

Collective+ © 2018 Storefront

Collective + 

A collaboration of independent British designers was on high-display at this Kings Road pop-up concept store, called Collective +, by designers Stacy Chan and Fariba Soltani. An independent designer herself, Stacy Chan thought this type of pop-up curation would resonate with young, burgeoning brands looking to break through the market, and chose this Chelsea space to attract luxury-minded clientele. As she was able to split the costly rent with the other designers in-store, Chan was able to pop-up in the area she wanted to be in while still being financially responsible. Hosting events and talks, the pop-up store attracted much attention in the Chelsea area during its one-month duration.

Photo: Dundas © 2018 Storefront

Dundas London

Showcasing a handpicked collection of Summer clothes and accessories, Dundas London chose Chelsea for its seasonal concept pop-up store. Located right on Kings Road, the space is designed to showcase its menswear collection and reflect the high-quality, sustainably sourced ethos of the brand. Frequently popping up on the road, the brand typically pops up alongside notable events and parties, but this Chelsea boutique shows a dedication to a retail-focused concept where the high-quality shirts will prominently be on display, with the founders Jamie Dundas and Leonora de Ferranti present as well.

Photo: The Cloud Boutique © 2018 Storefront

Cloud Boutique

Creating a chic, fun retail space in the heart of Chelsea, the Cloud Boutique is a concept store comprised of up-and-coming international brands looking to showcase their products in stylish digs. The company, adept at securing top pop-up locations for its brands and designers around the world, booked this Kings Road space in May with brands like Maiyo swimwear, Yassy Jewellery, PADB Streetwear, and Helmer Leather Goods. With a focus on curated events, featuring young designers, and catered parties, the concept store mixed right in with the Chelsea district, even hosting late-night shopping parties to attract more customers and gain more visibility and press.

Rich Fashion

Rich Fashion made its first venture into brick-and-mortar on Chelsea’s Kings Road, the perfect location for the retailer to test a physical space and gauge the market. With Kings Road providing the brand a dynamic community for its first foray offline, Rich Fashion is excited and hopeful that this space would help grow its business and make a splash in the district (especially with its eye-popping window display!). As its popping up for 3 months, with possible plans for extension, the brand can adequately capture the Chelsea market, meet its customers IRL, and measure footfall.

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Arielle Crane
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