Fashion Retailer SHEIN Opens Dallas Pop-Up Shop With Storefront

SHEIN is one of the largest online retail stores that sell clothing and accessories to customers around the world. A digital-first retailer, the company has also seen much success in launching its campaigns and clothing in physical stores around the US. The brand worked with Storefront previously to open its NYC pop-up store in Soho and has just launched its Dallas pop-up shop too much fanfare.
We recently caught up with Yulanda Ma, Shein’s Operations Manager, after their Dallas pop-up shop opening to discuss its success and the team’s future pop-up plans.
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Can you talk to me about the success of your latest Dallas pop-up shop?
The city of Dallas has been really good to us! We had a great, successful pop-up shop there compared to other ones we have done [in other cities]. The success is a combination of our experience and hard work; we had 3,045 people show up to our pop-up for the 3-day event and sold out on all the days.
Our sales have also gone up [from the pop-up store], mainly because of the clothes we selected to sell that were reflective of both seasonal trends and trends in Dallas (picking the right clothes to sell is a very important part of getting a good sales number!). The 3-day event netted us at $80k.
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How did you promote this pop-up store?
We have been promoting it on social media, more so on Instagram through a giveaway to help us spread the word through our followers. Right now we are at 7.6 million followers on Instagram. We also posted a Facebook event page for the pop-up shop, and posted it on Reddit. The pop-up location also helped us by adding the pop up to their website for more promotion!
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Why did you choose to pop up in Dallas?
Picking the right location is crucial to a successful pop up. This Dallas location was primarily based on location and size.
What was the in-store customer feedback from the store?
We have had great feedback from our customers around the layout, clothing selection, pricing and design of the store. Since we do everything in-house, including planning the layout and the design of the store, it helps keep our vision focused on what we feel would be a great theme for the store. We do hire a staging company to furnish the space but we are the ones who pick the furnishings and where they will be placed on the sales floor.
How was this Dallas pop-up shop different than your pop-up shop in NYC?
Dallas and NYC are so different. Dallas seems to have less physical places to go shopping so the turn out and people actually purchasing items is greater than NYC. In NYC people feel there are so many options when it comes to buying that most of the NYC people come to look and think about buying but not necessarily buying a lot from the pop-up itself.
What are some key ingredients for a successful pop-up store?
Your team is very important. To find people who love what they do and take pride in the pop-up store is a must. Clothing selection is also very important. Location and visibility is another important part of a successful pop-up store. We do have a lot of people who do not know who we are and see customers walking around with our shopping bags and end up coming in to purchase and browse; this helps bring in new customers that did not know about us before!
What are your next pop-up plans?
We have our last one of the year in Los Angeles in November. It will be at The Americana at Brand in Glendale, CA. We will be working on our plans for 2020 in December but we are sure we will go back to Dallas and NYC. We are super excited to see what and where we will pop up next. Stay Tuned!
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Arielle Crane
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