JAN TAMINIAU Opens Their First Pop-Up Store in Amsterdam !

To launch its Prêt-à-Porter collection this year, JANTAMINIAU, the well-known couture brand, opened its first-ever pop-up shop in Amsterdam. Its main goal was to create a better customer experience for its clients, something that is very important to the brand’s ethos.

We spoke with Laura Searle, Head of Sales & Marketing at JANTAMINIAU, who discussed why opening a pop-up store is a viable strategy for the popular fashion brand. 

1. Can you explain a bit more about the brand and why you decided to open a pop-up store?

We opened a pop-up store for TAMINIAU, the ready-to-wear brand of JANTAMINIAU, that consists of a complete and sustainable wardrobe with items for every moment of the day. The collection does not follow the ‘traditional’ fashion seasons, it instead strives for timelessness for women who frequently travel to destinations with different climates. TAMINIAU consists initially of 40 pieces and pieces will be added each month online.

We decided to do a pop-up store because it’s a great way of making our clothes more accessible for the TAMINIAU women, who live all over the world! Because our product also has an artisanal component, we felt our customers would appreciate our garments more if they can touch it and try it on in person. 

What is the concept of this pop-up store?

Our pop-up shops are always different. We love creating synergies with galleries and other spaces. A TAMINIAU pop-up is a universe where every woman can find the piece they are looking for, for their everyday life, or a special moment.

Do you plan to open up more pop-up shops after the success of this one?

Of course, it’s a format that goes really well with who we are!

Why did you choose this pop-up showroom space

Our showroom is where we meet and greet our clients and make sure their TAMINIAU garments fit them perfectly. For us, taking care of every detail is fundamental.

What was your main challenge in opening this Pop-Up shop? 

The challenge was to find a place that created a beautiful dialogue with our collection, but we’ve been very lucky so far, and adapted each space to our own identity.

Opening a pop-up shop is a great way to share our collection with our customers who can’t find us in places like Madrid, so choosing the perfect space is important to get to know the ones that are able to come in and visit!

How did you spread the word about this pop-up store?

Our founder Jan Taminiau has been working in Haute Couture for 15 years, so he is a very well-known designer. Most of our clients have already heard about the brand and want to visit us to try the garments and add one of our unique pieces to their wardrobe. We also always try and infuse our pop-ups with some of the haute couture JANTAMINIAU garments, because there is a very close relationship between our haute couture and wardrobe collections.

What are 3​ tips to share with other brands to inspire them to launch a pop-up store ?

Make sure it reflects who you are, builds a beautiful, close relationship with your clients, and above all, that you have fun in the process!


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