Dundas London Curates A Month Long Pop-Up Display in Chelsea

Dundas London is a premium men’s shirt brand, committed to making luxurious linen shirts with an easy-going vibe. Choosing Chelsea for its month-long pop-up space, the brand is featured a handpicked collection of Summer clothes and accessories in this King’s Road boutique space.

We sat down with the brand’s cofounder Leonora De Ferranti, to discuss the huge potential this space offers the brand and why curating events and like-minded brands into the space helped increase foot traffic and visibility.

Why did you choose Chelsea as your next pop-up store location?

I was born in Chelsea and I now have an office in Chelsea. It seemed right to use a local space for our summer pop-up store as it is important to know your customers to help with spreading the word. Our main goal is to promote Dundas London as a leading player in the linen shirt world. And to support new up and coming brands. For me, it’s better to start at home and then become more ambitious as me and the company gain confidence.

What are the fundamentals of a successful pop-up store?

  1. A clean, open space
  2. Doing something different from other pop-up stores (we have put a lot of time and effort into hosting evening events throughout the month!)
  3. Having complimenting brands which all have the same founding ethos.

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What’s one important thing to keep in mind when launching a pop-up store? 

It’s important to confirm early enough in advance, since some short-term landlords would prefer to be more last minute. Our solution was just being patient and having everything in place so we were ready to fire on all cylinders when the confirmation came through.

Photo : Dundas London © 2018 Storefront

Why did you chose this specific space (style, size, decor…)? 

We chose this space because it is large enough to host all the wonderful brands we wanted to include. It had been newly decorated which was good for us as since we were only renting for 1 month, and time was of the essence with fitting out the shop. Since it was already beautifully decorated, we bespoke made rails and tables and then let the products speak for themselves. We didn’t want to decor to detract from the exceptional quality of pieces we’d are selling. Many people have come into the shop and the majority of them are completely new customers. This is fantastic and something I was aiming for.

Photo : Dundas London © 2018 Storefront

What’s been the best success in the store so far?

The evening events have been the biggest success. They welcome a whole new database of customers and they are a lot of fun! Our customer feedback is all very positive. They all say how beautiful the selection of products are and how well it has been decorated. They are surprised we are only a pop-up store. I hope they will take away a desire to come back!

Photo : Dundas London © 2018 Storefront

Why did you choose to pop-up in the Summertime?

We wanted to do it in the British Summer and before the schools break up. People love shopping during the summer. And during school holidays, many people leave town.

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Arielle Crane
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