Why Fashion Brand Teym Pops Up In Amsterdam Every Year

Amsterdam-based fashion label Teym is on a mission to create the perfect wardrobe, by adding one classic every year to a growing collection. After the success of The Parka, The Bag and The Merino Sweater, Maxime Cartens of Teym has invested in this past year on the design, testing and perfecting of The Sweatsuit that was launched this Fall.

Teym pops up each year in Amsterdam to attract existing customers, lure new ones and introduce its latest items and brand to passersby. We spoke with Joy Rikkers, Teym’s Content Creator to discuss this year’s pop-up concept and display in Amsterdam.

  • What is the purpose of this pop-up store launch?
Teym started in 2015 and ever since we have been selling our items online through our own web store. We have a very broad range of customers, some prefer to shop online but many of them want to visit a physical store to feel the fabrics and try the items. That’s why every year we open up a pop-up store in the center of Amsterdam.
  • Why did you choose this location? 
The Staalstraat where our pop-up store is located is a very nice street with a couple of other Dutch design brands. It really is a shopping mall space so next to customers who already know Teym, we also reach a different crowd. For example a lot of tourists stop by and meet our brand for the first time. We are still figuring our what location would be the best to open up a permanent store. This way we can try some different locations before making up our minds.
  • Talk to me about the design of this pop-up store.
The store itself is very pretty so we didn’t need much to make it feel like Teym. Teym is on a mission to build the impeccable wardrobe. One item at a time, we’re creating the pieces we’ve spent years searching for. Developed in our Amsterdam atelier and made in Europe, Teym’s products guarantee outstanding design, expert quality and honest production. So with that in mind we went for a clean and transparent design in our store.  We did give the window a little something extra to make it stand out with the red dots, matching our visual identity.
  • What was most successful about this pop-up store?
Meeting our customers and hearing their opinion and feedback on our products is a very positive thing about having a pop-up store.
  • Do you have any tips for other fashion brands looking to pop up?
Do it! See it as an easy way to experiment and find out what area suits your store.
Arielle Crane
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