The Molly Bracken Pop-Up Store: An Unparalleled Parisian Experience

Molly Bracken takes us into her brand’s universe in a retro pop-up store, like a real journey back in time. If you go to the Étienne Marcel district in Paris during the Holiday season, you’ll see the showcases worked on for three decades in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and its immersive, interactive and perfectly unobtrusive scenography.

For 2 months, this pop-up store was the ideal opportunity for the brand to establish its reputation in France, just before Christmas. We spoke with the Molly Bracken team who gave us the inside scoop into how it prepared for a successful pop-up store.

On Choosing To Pop Up in Paris

We wanted to create a brand new experience and test out a new market in France. At the moment, Molly Bracken is a brand sold internationally (we have more than 5,000 outlets worldwide), distributed in multi-brand stores, and present in stores such as Galeries Lafayette in France or El Corte Inglés in Spain. Besides Italy, Portugal and Estonia, our brand does not have a store in its own name. This pop-up store project is an ideal way to establish our reputation in France, plus the first of many ideas of expanding internationally in strategic locations.

The Perfect Place for a Pop-Up Store

This location was obviously an asset. For our first shop, it was absolutely necessary that we have a ton of foot traffic, in an easily accessible street, with a beautiful storefront. The space is large enough to accommodate our 2 collections, and has a beautiful interior. Showcases are very important because we know that it’s a high decision-making factor for potential buyers. We therefore chose this space on the street Pierre Lescot, as it’s ideally located between the stations Châtelet les Halles and Etienne Marcel.


Making a Difference With a Physical Space

Clients need to be continuously introduced to new things and immersive experiences renewal, and we understand that. Today, many consumers follow the trends they see on their digital screens, via Instagram influencers or mood boards found on Pinterest or Instagram. They share, recommend, take pictures … and are always looking for the “new”. As a brand, where we can make a difference is precisely by creating a space where the virtual becomes real, where a shop becomes a new source of inspiration, a source of curiosity. Fashion is an ideal industry for this, which lends itself particularly well to the experience.



360 ° Communication Strategy For a Pop-Up Store With Buzz

The pop-up store is an ideal way to establish our reputation. We know the power of PR and social networks, so they will be our main assets to communicate on this project. We also organized a launch party with the press and influencers, which is a great way to get the message across to all Parisians that we opened a pop-up shop! We encourage customers to take photos and share them on their networks. Plus, our dynamic store allows us to engage and entice customers by offering a brand new moment and a real brand experience.

A tip: always put yourself in the customer’s shoes. What hospitality would you like to have, what makes you want to go into a shop, what would you want to discover? Do not be afraid to see the bigger picture. The goal of a short-term boutique is to make an impression and to succeed in the hearts of consumers, even after it’s done.


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