Truffaut “Green Addict”, the green Pop-Up Store in Le Marais

Truffaut launches the green Pop-Up Store concept to follow the trend !

Truffaut is a French big chain of gardening stores the founder, Charles Truffaut started in Versailles in 1824. The brand has been established for 2 centuries, and has now 58 shops and 3 areas of work. Truffaut assists now its clients to garden, cook, decorate, create and take care of their pets.

Always at the cutting edge of technology and innovation, Truffaut embraces the new trends by opening with Storefront its very first Pop-Up Store : the “Green Addict”

Truffaut Pop-Up Store végétal

Its objective : develop physical outlets where the brand is less known, try new areas and test new products. “The concept of the Pop-Up store gives a dynamic and innovative image, and attracts younger customers”, explains the Parisian shop Director, Stéphane Artaud.

Une tendance qui attire les jeunes

Between the 10th and the 25th of June 2017, Truffaut opened its “Green Addict” green Pop-Up Store, rue de Turenne, in the heart of Le Marais in Paris. If Truffaut chose Le Marais district, it’s for its strong attractiveness : from Monday to Sunday, tourists, youngsters and shopping addicts come and go in this accessible and trendy neighborhood.

Once the space was founded with Storefront, the company contacted the agency Label Experience to imagine this boutique filled with a modern and cosy spirit. “It’s on vegetable, our core business, that we have chosen to focus. We have then made a selection of houseplants, terrariums, aromatical plants and cactus.”, tells Géraldine Maurizi, communications officer.

Created to showcase their apartment and balcony products to city-dwellers, this perfectly fitted out boutique, has proven that any shop could host a little urban jungle.


Like Truffaut, renew your brand image and develop your company on new markets thanks to the opening of a Pop-Up Store in Le Marais.

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