Storefront Guide: Pop-Up Stores and Fashion Showrooms in Le Marais

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Le Marais is a district well known to Parisians. A historic gem at the forefront of the latest trends, Le Marais is “the place to be” in Paris. It is full of art, culture and fashion. You will find as well the shops of the great designers and the thrift shops of all kinds. Like the neighborhood, its population is cosmopolitan: Many walks of life come together in Le Marais making it a culturally rich and diverse area with a stylish feel.

Le Marais is home to some of the most beautiful museums in Paris. The Picasso Museum, Maison Carnavalet and Maison de Victor Hugo. The mansions and public attractions boast many discrete gardens as suprising as they are magnificent.

We can not talk about this shopping district without addressing its gastronomic richness. There are plenty of places to eat and there are plenty of restaurants, brasseries and grocery stores along the streets.

Temporary Retail Success in Le Marais

Big name brands such as Mugler and Playstation have launched pop-up stores with Storefront in the area, both of which were huge successes. Chanel, Sézane, Giorgio Armani and Magnum ice creams, and at this moment the Pop-Up Store Carte d’Or, also chose Le Marais to launch new products, connect with customers and drive brand engagement with a temporary retail space.

mugler angel pop-up store paris
The Mugler Angel Fragrance Launch with Storefront
Pop-Up Stores and Showrooms in Le Marais
pop-up store in le marais
Spacious Boutique near Musée National Picasso

The retro style interiors with the black tiled floors and sophisticated frontage with window displays creates a contemporary feel in the space. This shop benefits from high foot traffic in the trendy area of Le Marais, just steps from Rue des Francs Bourgeois and Rue des Archives. Learn more..

Shop and Showroom Space in Le Marais
Prime Le Marais Shop and Showroom

This space is unique with a street level frontage with large display windows. In addition to the ground floor space, there are two showroom spaces upstairs which are open and bright with classic interiors of Dutch parquet floors, white walls and large windows. Learn more..

Retail Space in Le Marais
Charming Fashion Boutique in Le Marais

Surrounded by popular art galleries and a diverse mix of retailers, this space is perfect for brands looking to gain exposure and launch new products in a stylish area. Learn more..

Showroom Space near Place des Vosges
Loft Showroom close to Place des Vosges

Just a stone’s throw from the Place des Vosges, famous for its many galleries, the streets of Turenne, the Bourgeois Francs and the boulevard Beaumarchais,this space boasts a magnificent location. This is an ideal spot for Fashion Week showrooms. Learn more..

Le Marais Retail Space
Modern Corner Boutique close to Arts et Métiers

The space is modern and in a minimal condition with dark walls and exposed stone columns which add a sense of history and an industrial edge. Learn more..

Art Showroom in Le Marais
Beautiful Art Gallery and Showroom in Le Marais

This beautiful 280 sq m apartment showroom is located in the premium area very close to Place de Vosges, the space is ideal for Fashion Week Showrooms and Private Events. Learn more..

Pop-Up Retail Space in Le Marais
Unique Pop-Up Store in Le Marais

With high end retailers such as Helmut Lang and APC close by, as well as numerous art galleries, this space benefits from a stylish surrounding area and good foot traffic from a fashionable demographic. Learn more..

Pop-Up Shop in Le Marais
Urban Retail Space in Prime Le Marais Location

Located near Rue Rivoli and Rue Vieille du Temple, two of the most busy streets in the city, this space is perfect for brands to gain exposure in a bustling retail environment. Learn more..

Ready to find and book your perfect temporary retail space in Le Marais? Take a look at Storefront spaces in the area and make your ideas happen.

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