Take advantage of Montreal's Retail Landscape to launch your Pop-Up Store

Montreal, the shopping and tourist destination

Montreal is a cosmopolitan city with a rich and complex cultural heritage. It’s easy to fall for this charming metropolis, whose large avenues are reminiscent of New York and whose distinctive neighborhoods, stunning architecture, and multicultural vibe are the very picture of Paris. It is also the second-largest French-speaking city in the world. Check out the incredible selection of pop-up stores and art venues with our go-to guide of Montreal.

If you are a brand, designer, or artist looking to launch a pop-up store in Montreal, you must first know that the city is organized around local icon Mount Royal and divided from east to west by Saint-Laurent Boulevard, or The Main. You can target francophone clientèle by opening your next pop-up store near Montreal East, or you can expand your base of new Anglo-Quebecer customers by setting up west of Montreal, in an area known as West Island.

Noteworthy Montreal Neighborhoods

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