Knotel Opens An Interactive Pop-Up Showroom To Showcase Its Agile HQs

Knotel, the startup that designs, builds, and operates custom workspaces for growing brands, just launched a Summer pop-up showroom to display its ‘Agile HQ’ product. Using this pop-up space as a way for prospective clients to experience the agile office spaces, Knotel created an interactive and engaging display, all in this NoHo space powered by Storefront.

We sat down with Knotel’s VP of Operations and Workshops, David Jones, to discuss the main goals of the showroom, the impressive traffic it’s generated so far, and why he wishes they extended their lease!

Why was a pop-up showroom an ideal format for Knotel?

Design is core to our business. Clients choose us because we provide office space on flexible terms and quality, unique design. [Therefore] it’s important for our prospective clients to be able to physically experience Knotel.

This pop-up showroom allows potential clients to see settings at an atomic level without having to tour multiple sites. Our product is Agile HQs – it’s physical, it’s private, and it’s unique. The foundation and the settings are universal, based on our workplace strategy and workplace style, but no finish is the same and are more reflective of a company’s brand and culture.

The pop up allows us to showcase all three facets of Agile HQ. Agility at Knotel means two things, Agile Build and Agile HQ. The first enables the second. Agile HQ is agility within spaces (modularity, flexible work space), agility across the Knotel portfolio (standard builds and workplace design), and agility across the city (HQs and beyond). [Plus] it’s also a great place to put our brand on display.

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What were the main goals of this pop-up showroom?

Focus and flexibility – the pop-up space allowed us to tailor the experience to in-year goals and objectives. It has been an opportunity to test and learn for multiple groups from Growth to Marketing to Workshops to Product, and it gives us the flexibility to iterate on the concept in future years.

Where does the pop-up fit in your customer’s journey and how does it elevate it?

We wanted the pop-up showroom to be interactive, engaging, and tactile. You can touch and feel our products while learning about what it means to create a productive workspace.

At the end of the day, we wanted to build something exciting, something that would deliver an “a-ha” moment, something that would open new doors and challenge the way we and others think about our brand.

What do you wish you knew before launching this pop-up?

That we would want to extend the pop-up beyond this Summer!

Why did you choose this specific location and space?

Broadway and Bond is easily accessible and central to our clients and our spaces. We loved the high ceilings, windows, and natural light [of the pop-up space]. It really gave us the opportunity to show off our Agile Build capabilities as we work towards eliminating sheetrock from our build-outs.

What are the advantages of hosting the pop-up during the Summertime?

Summer is a time of celebration, events, mixing and mingling. It’s also a time when people are looking for new space. The pop-up has been a great way to meet and bring people together.

What traffic has the space generated so far?

We’ve had visits from clients, friends, family, partners, and more! The pop-up is a compelling case for agility across the city. It has been key to building strong partnerships with brands, to bringing industry leaders together, to hosting events and panels about causes we care about, to hosting clients’ all hands meetings, board meetings and dinners, to celebrating our first million square feet.

Plus, our partnered events have been an amazing way to create brand impressions. One of our partners will invite 50 people into our space on any given night. Guests can learn about our Workplace Strategy while mingling and networking. It’s a great way to build community and support causes we care about while also educating people on how we think.

How far in advance did you book the space?

We booked one month in advance and built in 10 days with 100% agile conferencing and 40% modularity. We’re experts at speed, and it’s what we do for our clients every day – Agile Builds that enable Agile HQs.

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Arielle Crane
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