Before/After : 5 Stunning Pop-Up Store Transformations in London

With an array of pop-up boutiques, pop-up galleries, and event spaces, London is full of short-term space ideas and brands who want to make an impact. Whether it be London-based or global retailers, brands are experimenting and testing new retail concepts in the UK to much success and sales.

With the help of Storefront, retailers are able to rent their desired space in just a few short steps in prized London areas like Covent Garden, Chelsea, and Shoreditch.  From Winser London to furniture brand Swoon, below are 5 brands employing innovative pop-up store concepts and transforming otherwise empty retail spaces into a memorable experience.

  1. Cloud Boutique

Cloud Boutique is a multi-brand boutique dedicated to showcasing up-and-coming brands in pop-up stores around the world. The company aims to provide an enjoyable experience for their designers through chic, short-term stores, by picking space with an open and exclusive feel.

  • The challenge: to create a space with a multitude of brands that complement each other
  • Decoration tip: keep the space minimal and let the variety of brands and designs stand out on their own
  • The ‘wow’ effect: filling the space with different pieces and brands without making it feel too small
  • What we love: the brand meticulously organized the shop so that each item was placed with intention

2. Collective+

Collective + is a pop-up concept store by designers Stacy Chan and Fariba Soltani. The store, located on Sloane Square on the King’s Road, is creatively organized and features a multitude of brands and designers.

  • The challenge: to find a convenient space that would have a lot of foot traffic
  • Decoration tip: make the storefront stand out on the street, in this case, using a huge floral arrangement to stand out
  • The ‘wow’ effect: the designers organized the shop by color palettes to catch the customer’s eye
  • What we love: the store stood out on a street that’s already filled with retailers and brands because it intentionally focused on the window display

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3. Dr. Hauschka

This global beauty brand specializes in natural skin care and cosmetics, and celebrated its 50th anniversary by launching a pop-up event in a charming store in Soho, London’s highly sought after neighborhood. It hosted a brunch as well as sold new products, it was a collaborative event that saw much success.

  • The challenge: to host both a sit-down brunch and product launch in one
  • Decoration tip: don’t be afraid to play up your brand’s aesthetic! In this case, Dr. Hauschka went with a natural aesthetic and gave the store a rustic feel to complement its products
  • The ‘wow’ effect: the store beautifully combined a seated meal with products in a way that was seamless and visually pleasing
  • What we love: the brand chose a space that already fit its aesthetic, and added to it in a creative, stand-out way

4. Swoon Editions

Designer interior brand Swoon launched a 3,600 square foot pop-up store on Mercer Walk, Covent Garden that coincided with the brand’s re-fresh in a showroom style to showcase the latest designs.

  • The challenge: to pop-up in a space that reflects the brand’s new identity and latest designs in one
  • Decoration tip: because it’s an interior design brand, decorating the space and making it pop was not a problem, but the brand did put emphasis on layout and color
  • The ‘wow’ effect: a beautiful, well-lit space that featured tons of color
  • What we love: the brand chose a space that could successfully showcase its latest designs

5. Winser London

This clothing brand chose Duke of York Square as its next pop-up store location based on high customer demand.

  • The challenge: to capture the high foot traffic in this area and use the big windows to entice customers
  • Decoration tip: build off of the building or space’s existing character
  • The ‘Wow’ effect: the large windows allow customers to peak inside the beautiful store’s interior and featured clothing collection
  • What we love: the brand was able to execute a high-quality feel with minimal window decoration

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