ELLE Magazine Launching in Amsterdam with Storefront!

The Dutch ELLE knocks-off this spring season with their new special edition: ‘Bloemen’ (translated: flowers). Together with Mooiwatbloemendoen and The Gardeners, ELLE filled their pages with inspirational flowerpower to brighten up your wardrobe and interior: from DIY-flower hair garlands to the finest plant accessories, because flowers are an endless source of inspiration for both fashion and interior designers.

Storefront was more than happy to help bring this special issue to life. During the spectacular launch in Amsterdam, Storefront spoke with Mooiwatbloemendoen.nl’s Brandmanager Esther de Waard:

Why this special edition?

ELLE and ELLE Decoration are world leading magazines, and their target groups fit perfectly with the target groups of Mooiwatbloemendoen.nl. In addition, ELLE appears in practically every country that is of great importance to us (i.e. Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands).

How did this collaboration arose?

The Gardeners, our PR-agency, made the first move. After the first meeting, both parties were extremely enthusiastic about creating a special ELLE ‘Bloemen’ edition. It has been an incredibly intensive and beautiful project, in which everyone involved contributed with great passion. The mutual love for flowers is written all over the entire magazine.

What do you expect from this launch event?

We really want to launch the ELLE ‘Bloemen’ in a festive way and celebrate its presence with everyone who has made this special edition possible.

How important is the location? Why didn’t you host this event at, let’s say, the ELLE office?

The location is extremely important for us, because it has to connect with our brand experience, and of course with ELLE’s ‘Bloemen’ appearance at the same time.

The entire space is packed with flowers. Of course, this matches the theme, but was there also the intent to create a real experience?

We really would like to show that flowers make people happy. And that is something you also see during this event. The guests find the flowery decoration fantastic. At the end of the event the guests also get to take the flowers home that are used in the decoration pieces. This way, they can enjoy these beautiful flowers that have been used here at their own homes or offices.

Fun question: What are your favorite flowers?

Obviously, we at mooiwatbloemendoen.nl love ALL flowers!


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