The First-Ever Lemonade Pop-Up Bar Generates Buzz In The Netherlands

Opening the first-ever lemonade bar in the Netherlands, Karvan Cévitam wowed fans with a two-level pop-up bar. The beverage brand, celebrating its 70th anniversary, outfitted this Storefront-powered space with the help of vanDAMM Creative Agency who created a highly-Instagrammable wonderland.

Storefront spoke with vanDAMM to catch up about the pop-up space, why they loved this creative brief, and how they were able to turn this shop into a feast for everyone’s eyes.

  • The Colorful Interiors.

The whole interior (and entrance) was based on taste preference; split into either yellow or pink colors to reflect the different fruits. Open for one week, vanDAMM turned this pop-up space into an Instagrammable display, featuring two lemonade bars. For the pink flavors, visitors headed upstairs, where they were greeted with things like a Pink Flamingo ball pit, and could order their favorite pink ‘mocktail’. The yellow flavor was downstairs, where visitors enjoyed a confetti shower, and a free lemonade with added fruits, chili flakes, or herbs. Karvan Cévitam lemonade was served in the shape of cocktails – without alcohol – but with exciting combinations of herbs and fruits, inspiring the audience to choose according to their own taste.

While yellow represents a “more active, engaged world,” the “pink fruit was more a dreamy, upbeat world,” vanDAMM added. The team tried to make the interior all about a “photo opportunity”, from the second visitors walked in, in order to attract and “reach the target audience” of the brand.

  • The Lemonade Bar.

vanDAMM worked with a highly reputable bartender in Amsterdam who created, with the brand, all of the different flavors and cocktails at the featured lemonade bar. The bar served mocktails (6 to choose from) as well as different kinds of waters with fresh fruit. “The pink drinks were most popular, although we saw a lot of people wanting to try both worlds after a first drink,” vanDAMM added.

  • Gaining Traction.

Before the official public launch, the brand had a Press Preview day where they invited press agencies and influencers. “The press event was a nice kickoff,” vanDAMM noted.

Plus, the eye-catching design helped get a lot of press attention as well. “Our designers really thought about the different ways to make the experience a success. There was not much space, so every corner is well thought and a lot of textures are build in while keeping one overall feeling and experience, to make it as versatile as possible to make sure every corner inspired the audience,” says vanDAMM. “All of the patterns [in the space] were well thought-of, everything was in-house”. And, the agency knew that Instagram is where everything happens right now, so they boosted the space with extra color to make sure that visitors were stepping into an Instagram-influenced world, creating 10+ photo opportunities in the space.

This was a great way for the brand to celebrate it’s heritage, plus keep up with the times in an Instgagram-worthy, colorful display.

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Arielle Crane
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