Experience the new way of buying denim jeans in the Unspun Pop-up store

Anyone that’s been out shopping for denim jeans knows that finding a pair that fit well can be quite a challenge. Backed up by intensive research, Beth Esponnette and Walden Lam discovered that this is actually a pain point for most people. Teaming up with engineer Kevin Martin in 2016, the three entrepreneurs started Unspun: a revolutionary tech-led fashion brand that aims to change the way denim jeans are made and purchased.

Unspun uses 3D imaging technology and proprietary fit algorithms to create products that fit perfectly. Their ultimate goal is to be a “no-inventory” retailer by producing products locally and only when they are purchased, drastically reducing the environmental footprint typically associated with mass-produced fashion brands.

The pop-up store was located on 41 Circular Pathway and opened from Nov 8 to Nov 13, 2017. Unspun used the pop-up as a piloting tool to test the market before scaling up. The fashion startup is at the beginning of their journey to change the industry and deliver a novel experience to their customers.

Everything we do starts with the customer,” Co-Founder Beth Esponnette explained. “When customers walk in, we spend alot of one-on-one time with them to understand what they are looking for. Together, we go through choosing different fit options and materials.” The in-store 3D body scan only takes 25-30 seconds, but altogether each customer could easily spend more than 30 minutes in the store exploring the products together with one of the Co-Founders. For that exact reason, they chose the somewhat quieter location on 41 Circular Path for their pop-up store. They loved the aesthetic of the location and that it’s on a quiet street. This allows them to get more face time with customers and deliver an intimate experience.

Storefront was an especially useful channel for us to find the right location,” Beth said. “While we found other exciting options as well, securing those locations could easily take months. Storefront secured the location in a matter of hours. Plus, we’re benefitting from repeat visits as we see customers coming in that know this location is a pop-up venue.

As Unspun scales up, they are preparing for more pop-ups in 2017 with a moving Unspun Luxe Truck from Nov 17 to Nov 21, and a pop-up store in Nan Fung Place from Nov 25 to Nov 26. For more details, check out unspun.tech.

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