Hong Kong’s Biggest Milk Brand Opens First-Ever Pop-Up Store

Kowloon Dairy’s classic products have flavored the childhood of most Hong Kongers. Its product line ranges from milk and yoghurt drinks to ice cream and mochi. Set up in the 1940s, this company is among veteran brands that scream Hong Kong from the core.

Although their products are widely available in supermarkets and 7-elevens around Hong Kong, not all of their ice cream flavors can be found as easily. So, in order to reach out, invite a larger audience to get to know a range of new flavors, and offer relief from the scorching summer, Kowloon Dairy opened its first ever pop-up store on Wellington Street in the heart of Central for a limited time only.

  • Pop in to Chill!

Apart from signature milk bottles, mochi, yoghurt drinks and all the favorite ice cream flavors, 22 new flavors exclusively available at the pop-up venue were on offer. These special ice cream flavors included durian, iron buddha tea, sesame, tofu, purple potato, red bean and a range of crowd pleasers such as pistachio, mint chocolate chips and pink salt caramel.  

In addition to all the wonderful tastes, the pop-up store was visually attractive – perfect for a quick Instagram post – and equipped with game booths to keep both children and adults entertained.

  • The pop-up as a new meeting point

Kowloon Dairy exemplifies how an established and well-known brand is able to capitalize on the opportunities offered by opening a pop-up store. Just as its ice cream, the pop-up is a refreshing way to attract attention and drive brand exposure.

This pop-up store is Kowloon Dairy’s way of reaching deeper into Hong Kong and get in touch with its customers, and with its distinctive flavors such as milk tea or the tofu fa dessert inspired flavor, it brings Hong Kong’s culture to the public.

The pop-up shop offered an exclusive, limited-time only moment for native Hong Kongers to delve into the flavored world of childhood memories, families to explore exciting new tastes by a familiar brand and tourists to get to know Hong Kong a little better. 


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