Pop-Up Stores are the best way to test out the market before settling inside. Every great brand has something to offer whether it’s a solution, a service or a product, but it isn’t always clear whether the locals will buy. Launching a store online is one way to test out your audience and get customer feedback on your brand. However, moving your store to the public physical realm may open more doors than you’ve ever imagined. After gathering relevant demographics to find out the best location to open in, planning the opening is the next step.

Although many brands opt to open their own individual Pop-Up Stores on Storefront, a great alternative is partnering up with other similar local brands to open up a multi-seller retail space.

The local community is the bloodline of any small business. Knowing what the community wants and determining the best way to get it to them is the key to any successful local business. However, when it comes to collaborative Pop-Up Stores, the steps to open it are slightly different. Below are the steps you should follow to organize the opening.

  1. Delegate tasks: Various people working together toward one goal will bring it into fruition much faster, unless tasks aren’t delegated. Precious time can be wasted by backtracking, going to do the same task someone already did or just not knowing where to begin. To eliminate these time wasters, one person should be in charge of delegating tasks based on each team member’s strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Create together: The creative process is one task that should be worked on as a team. Since creativity is what will get your Pop-Up Stores noticed, it’s best to get input from everyone helping to run/launch the shop. Get feedback on the proposed layout, the store design and the product placement. Although, it should be left up to one person to ultimately decide which ideas will work the best.
  3. Address concerns: Opening collaborative Pop-Up Stores comes with risks, just as any other business might. One person may not always be aware of the risks, so brainstorming them as a team is best. Everyone will bring their own thoughts to the table, increasing the likelihood of a successful launch.

There you have it! Launching collaborative Pop-Up Stores can be just as fun as setting up one on your own. Giving everyone the space to be creative and providing them with specific duties will not only bring you to a faster launch, but it will also make your launch more successful.

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