How This Beauty Influencer Opened A Dual Concept Pop-Up Store in SoHo

Marlena Stell, the influencer and owner of cult-beauty brand Makeup Geek, held a dual pop-up store in SoHo earlier this month featuring her makeup and new fashion line: Marsté. This brand new, size-inclusive fashion line was introduced to her followers and NYC locals in this Storefront-powered space right on buzzy Greene street.

We sat down with Marlena to discuss her reasoning behind the dual pop-up store, why she loved the space so much, and her brand new line.

  • Can you describe this dual pop-up shop concept. What was the importance of launching this pop-up store before the e-commerce launch?

Makeup Geek has been selling online since 2011 and Marsté is a sister company that provides fashion alongside the cosmetics that Makeup Geek offers.  It was important to have the two launch together so customers could find makeup and fashion that coordinate together.  It was important to launch this store first to allow such an amazing group of people in NYC to see the clothes in person.  There’s no way to portray just how soft and luxurious many of the fabrics are via online, plus it’s always fun to get to be styled in person with some amazing clothes!

  • What kind of space did you envision to showcase this launch, and how did the one you chose meet your expectations?

I envisioned a luxurious space in a prime location such as SoHo and this location more than exceeded my expectations. The space was well lit and elevated the look of the brand.

  • What were the customers’ reactions when walking in the store?

There was definitely a “wow” factor when everyone walked in. The high ceilings, white marble, beautiful lights… It all added to a high end and luxurious shopping experience.

  • What was your inspiration for the clothing line? How did this pop-up space reflect that?

The inspiration for Marsté Fashion came from me being a curvy woman who wanted high quality clothes that were not only soft but luxurious. It embodies the spirit of strength while remaining classy yet somewhat sexy. The space felt like all of these things.

  • Why did you choose to pop up for just 4 days as opposed to a few weeks or months time?

Because our customer base is all over the world, it makes sense to reach many locations in addition to NYC.  Most people tend to visit the opening weekend anyways, so it was just the best decision for us with starting out.

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Arielle Crane
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