Kodak Launches London Pop-Up Shop with Storefront

Kodak opens first London pop-up store with Storefront 

Kodakery, the holiday pop-up shop, is a creative hub for photography enthusiasts and celebrates the launch of the first “photographer’s smartphone”, Kodak Ektra, and showcases a range of exclusive products, like an Opening Ceremony apparel line, and a week long calendar of experiences.

The conceptual pop-up store is an immersive ‘Dark Room’ experience which serves as a platform for the launch of their new smartphone, The Kodak Ektra. The pop-up shop also showcases a range of Kodak products, and, for the first time outside of the USA, a limited edition Opening Ceremony x Kodak capsule collection, which pays tribute to filmmaker Spike Jonze.

Finding The Perfect Space

Kodak worked closely with Storefront to secure the perfect space, Berwick Street’s “One By One” store in Soho. The one-of-a-kind retail space provided the ideal spot for Kodak to launch the Kodak Ektra and connect with their customers.

We wanted to give people the opportunity to come down and experience the brand first hand.” Danielle Atkins, Kodak’s VP Brand and Creative.

Kodak utilized Storefront’s tailored concierge service and presence in London in sourcing the optimal location to host their pop-up. Soho is renowned as one of the most hip, happening areas of London and is considered a go-to for cutting edge brands and designers. 

The heritage brand’s history provided design cues for both rejuvenating Kodak’s branding and for the store’s interior. Kodak transformed the space with bespoke signage, neon lights, framed photographs and quirky trinkets. The expertly crafted layout brought a creative and welcoming atmosphere to the space.

Generating Hype

Kodak is maximizing coverage and generating a lot of publicity with this successful pop-up shop. The world-first product launch with exclusive merchandise also includes one-off influencer events. Visitors will be able to attend tutorials on how to take photographs using the Kodak Ektra smartphone, enjoy photography exhibitions and engage with in-house photography experts to learn new skills and techniques –  all of which enrich the experiential retail event and multiply customer engagement. Storefront played an instrumental role in bringing together the ideas of Mission Media and Jack Morton, the global brand experience agency, to create this unique experiential pop-up.

Through this immensely popular retail experience, Kodak proves the power of pop-up stores to rebrand directly to the public, and to launch gamechanging products with equally exciting stores. An expert combination of brand, space, and taste (concept) lead yet again to pop-up store success. Say cheese!

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