Take advantage of Christmas to open a Pop-Up Store in the new IKEA Center of Bayonne !

The Southwest is ready to go since the announcement of the imminent opening of the new Ametzondo Shopping, Large-scale mall to the country of the red and white. Modern, designs and ‘Family-Friendly’, which will delight parents who take the kids shopping was part of the challenge, includes a wide range of 76 000 m²  for sale. Illustrious brands popular as Carrefour, Cultura, H&M, Sephora, McDonald’s and of course IKEA settle which bodes incredibly dense traffic

Now, take a few moments to imagine your Pop-Up Store within this incredible framework. Would this not be a unique opportunity to offer unparalleled visibility to your brand by taking advantage of the record turnout? PopUp Immo et IKEA collaborate to put at your disposal of the spaces intended for the temporary rental. Tempt ?




A perfect timing for a maximal exposure

Take the excitement related to the opening of this mall last generation, add to the frenzy of the inherent in this festive Christmas shopping and we get a rare opportunity for your PopUp Store to take advantage of an exceptional exposure.

  • Test a new border region rocked by the turmoil of the Ocean, composed of 1 million inhabitants, french or Spanish and over 1.7 million tourists during the summer
  • Communicate optimally in the local and national press by taking advantage of media coverage expected for this new business unit
  • Increase your turnover during the strategic period of the year’s end celebration.

All, no commitment, no risk since it is ephemeral rental !

A turnkey solution

Ready-to-wear, accessories, decoration, catering, service delivery or anyother area, a catalog over a hundred of shops ranging from 90 to 200 m² and furnished for sale, is at your disposal to choose your ideal location and open your Pop-Up Store.

Paintings, soils, lighting or security devices, don’t worry about anything, IKEA Center takes care of everything. Freed from constraints, your mind can let go to dream in peace to the presentation of your items and the arrangement of your domestic and furniture.

Take advantage of PopUp Immo 

  • Choice – Choose from a selection of 100 shops ranging from 90 to 200 m²
  • Simplicity – Just do your request for space on our marketplace with a few clicks and our experts take care of finding you an ideal space for you to accompany your event
  • Service – Enjoy a personalized guide, technical and legal assistance with a consultant who will be dedicated to your project
  • Serenity – Take advantage of our insurance specially designed for short term commercial rentals and automatically included in your contract
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