Marketing Week names Storefront one of the 100 Disruptive Brands 2016

Sedate, unadventurous, old-fashioned marketing is out. Inspiring, stimulating and intuitive marketing is the name of the game for businesses who plan to win in the new digital economy. This new future will be delivered by [these companies].” – Russell Parsons, Editor, Marketing Week


Marketing Week, the highly respected B2B publication in the UK and leading voice on marketing, advertising, and media in Europe, recently named Storefront one of the “100 Disruptive Brands” of 2016, sponsored by Salesforce. It is an immense honor to be noted for our role in revolutionizing the modern retail landscape alongside some of today’s most inspiring brands,  like Warby Parker, Postmates, YPlan, Slack, Deliveroo, and Hello Fresh, in the year’s most defining list.

Since merging with Oui Open, Storefront has become the largest international platform for Pop-Up Stores and the first startup in the retail industry to provide access to commercial real estate in three continents. Brands now have seamless access to over 10,000 commercial spaces in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Hong Kong. 




  1. Relating to, causing, or produced by disruption.
  2. Radically reconfiguring a particular field of business, as by implementing new technologies or a more competitive business model.


“But what does “disruptive” mean in the context of business and why do we spend so much time talking and thinking about disruptors? By selecting a list of relatively new and unknown brands from a wide pool we aim to do two things. First, provide you with intelligence about brands that could well be about to shake up your sector. Second, offer you inspiration from those making waves.

The ability of many disruptors to put the customer at the heart of their proposition also raises eyebrows among those that have lost their way and allowed operational and logistical challenges to cloud what they set out to do – serve their customers. It’s also about technology, which is at the core of many of the chief disruptors. The 100 brands that you are about to read about are as different in their outputs as is possible. They are all innovators, however, that are defining the future of the sectors in which they operate and the wider world of business. We looked far and wide to curate the final 100, across the world and business sectors.” – Russell Parsons



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