Storefront joins the fight against Covid-19

Free spaces for those battling global crisis

We are pleased to announce that we are offering our services for free to any organisations currently battling the global pandemic.

Governmental bodies, health organisations and charities are all attempting to mobilise and expand their operations. One stumbling block has been access to empty and available space for storage, accommodation and logistics.

With a huge network of landlords and venues in many major cities across the world, Storefront is uniquely placed to help those organisations find empty buildings in relevant areas.

As the global crisis has escalated we have been racking our brains as to how we could potentially help.

Mohamed Haouache, Storefront CEO

“We are not doctors nor are we involved in the creation, supply or distribution of essential goods. We match people with spaces and venues to meet their needs.

“We would like to offer our services in locating space for responses to the Coronavirus threat. 

“We have spaces and empty buildings across the world. We can speak directly to landlords and request the use of any spaces that may be useful. Thanks to the generosity of our real estate partners, we are able to offer this for free.

image of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
Visit the CDC website for more information on Covid-19

“These could be used for storage and logistics but at a push they could be utilised as emergency accommodation and, should it come to it, temporary medical facilities.

“If you feel this would prove useful please let us know.

“We are trying to contact as many organisations that could need our help as possible.”

If you could use Storefront’s help please email

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